How to Overcome Fear and Leverage Virtual Employees for Growth in Association Management

Have you considered hiring virtual employees but are afraid of how remote work might mesh with a Community Association Management (CAM) team? Daily communication with the board, community members, and staff is necessary for an effective association management team. Plus, there are many times when CAM managers need to visit the communities they manage – not something a fully remote worker could do. 

That doesn’t mean association management organizations can’t grow their client base, boost profits, and expand the reach of their brand with the help of a virtual team from HireSmart Virtual Employees. Today, we’ll discuss how to get over your fears of remote workers. You’ll soon learn that adding virtual employees to support your CAM manager can help you build your association management dream team.

Overcoming the Fear of Hiring Virtual Employees

Listed below are some of the most common fears that could be preventing you from hiring virtual workers at your CAM company. 

Remote workers don’t actually work. 

Some management company executives have visions of their remote employees watching TV or doing household chores instead of working. The easiest way to root out the slackers – whether they’re working remotely or on-site – is to set clear performance goals and schedule regular status updates with every employee.

Virtual employees are hard to manage. 

Some executive teams stress out over tracking and evaluating the performance of virtual workers. But, managing remote workers is easy when you start thinking about work output instead of attendance at the office and at in-person meetings. Management company executives can keep their remote teams on track by providing support through training, frequent check-ins, and setting clear expectations.

It’s difficult to communicate with virtual employees.

It’s no secret that open communication is the key to overseeing a successful team. Collaboration tools like Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams were developed to foster teamwork whether your employees are in the same building or located around the world. Using these types of tools for regular team meetings and one-on-one check-ins can help remote teams stay connected and get work done efficiently.

There’s a language barrier with non-resident remote workers. 

Many people believe that non-resident means non-native speaker. HSVE's virtual employees come from the Philippines, where English is one of the two official languages of the country. In fact, the Philippines is considered one of the largest English-speaking nations in the world, with a population that speaks with a clear American accent. 

Virtual employees are just temps. 

Some virtual assistant sites have a pool of workers, meaning you’re assigned a different person for every task. It can get really frustrating if you have to go back to square one with every single assignment. But HSVE doesn’t just assign your task to a random worker. You get a virtual employee that you interview and “hire.” Then, they work with you exclusively for 40 hours a week. The only difference between an HSVE employee and one you hire on your own is the price.  

Put Your Fears to Rest with the Facts about Virtual Employees 

One of the best ways to overcome any fears you have about hiring virtual employees is to learn the facts about how a remote workforce can benefit association management organizations. 

You save money with a virtual office. 

The potential for significant cost savings is one of the main benefits of hiring virtual staff. When you hire your own employee, you can pay as much as 40% more than their salary in taxes and social security. Plus, you have to carry workers’ compensation coverage. When you work with HSVE, all you have to do is pay us as your vendor. Since the virtual worker is employed by us, we’ll handle the rest. 

HSVE’s virtual employees have specialized experience. 

When “hiring” virtual employees, you can fill key roles like assistant community manager, CAM accounting assistant, and administrative assistant with candidates who specialize in association management. This saves you time and money in training because they don’t need to start from scratch. Our virtual team already understands the association management industry. 

Streamline your recruiting and onboarding process. 

HSVE has an established process for vetting virtual employees. Every worker must undergo a rigorous vetting process and meet strict tech standards to be considered for a role. This leads to increased retention rates because we understand the needs of CAM companies and can help you find candidates who are a better fit for your organization.   You also save money because you don’t have to pay for job postings and other recruiting costs. 

Virtual employees make scaling your business easier. 

With virtual employees, scaling up or down is simple. You can respond to the changing needs of your CAM company quickly by effectively shifting workloads to meet customer demands. By working with HSVE, you have an adjustable workforce that always fits your business perfectly. 

You get 24/7 availability with a virtual workforce. 

Sometimes CAM companies need employees outside of typical business hours. Virtual employees can work in any time zone. That means you can have workers who are available for an extended workday if you need them. This is especially helpful if you have an emergency or need a quick turnaround. 

Virtual Employees Can Help CAM Companies Thrive

By overcoming your fears about remote work, you can take advantage of the many benefits of hiring virtual employees. CAM companies that hire virtual teams are taking a significant step toward expansion, more revenues, and a wider audience for their brands.

HireSmart Virtual Employees have helped many businesses in achieving their goals in this aspect. We are happy to do the same with you. Click here to schedule a call and see how we can help you.

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