Association Management Companies:
Having Trouble Recruiting?
Consider Virtual Employees

In 2020, Community Association Institute (CAI) conducted a study that showed what many management company executives already knew: the Community Association Management (CAM) industry is facing a recruitment crisis. The demand for professional community managers, accountants, and other industry-trained personnel is skyrocketing, but the number of professionals entering the field is not keeping up.

If you are like 97% of the Community Association Management executives interviewed in that study, you are already feeling the pains of recruiting trained professionals. You may be like other management companies who are incorporating larger salaries, better benefits, and extra perks to try to lure the talent to your team, but all of those things affect your bottom line, forcing you to bring on still more associations, and putting you right back on the hamster wheel again.

It’s time to get off the hamster wheel and find a solution that actually works: Virtual Employees.

With a virtual employee, you can increase your current team’s bandwidth at a fraction of the cost of a local hire and with none of the pain and suffering of recruiting and training a new local employee:

Assistant Community Manager

Are your community association managers bogged down with an endless amount of tedious tasks? Adding a Virtual Assistant Manager that can schedule appointments & meetings, take phone calls, and manage overflowing email inboxes adds to your community managers valuable time and your managers don’t get derailed losing critical hours. Your managers’ productivity goes up, homeowners get a better stream of communication, and your association board clients are happy.

Accounting Assistant

Is your accounting team falling behind on important dates like getting the monthly financials out in a timely manner or posting late fees by the 5th of every month? Is it hard for your accounting team to get back to owners with balance inquiries in a timely manner? Is valuable money being lost and is your reputation going down the drain? Instead of hiring a new local accountant who is overqualified for the job, or having to train someone from scratch, consider a Virtual Accounting Assistant. Your accounting manager can assign all of those small, but critical and time-sensitive tasks to their new assistant.

Administrative / Executive Assistant

Are you tired of missing important calls because nobody was available to answer the phone? Struggling to juggle appointments, records requests, and resale document requests on time? A virtual administrative assistant is the perfect addition to your team. Your virtual admin can take on all of the administrative tasks that are dragging you away from focusing on what’s truly important - Your Business.
HireSmart Virtual Employees matches qualified candidates to your expectations, and then trains them to meet your exact needs, at a fraction of the cost of a local in-house employee. Your virtual employee works exclusively for you, works full time, so they are exactly the same as a local employee you hire, except you don’t have to pay all the taxes and benefits like when you run local hire payroll.

When you select your next employee through HireSmart Virtual Employees, you can rest assured that you are getting a great-fit employee that can take on whatever you need, and do their job to the fullest extent. HireSmart will bring candidates that perfectly fit your needs and have demonstrated the ability to think on their feet, learn quickly, and apply new skills in the fast-paced Community Management environment.

Your HireSmart Virtual Employee’s cost will be invoiced, just as any other service provider, so you don’t have the costs of the extensive list of taxes and benefits as a prospective new local employee would cost. Also, with a remote virtual employee, you don’t need to spend money on additional on-site costs like office rents, equipment, and furniture either.

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With A HireSmart Virtual Employee:

  • You Interview to Find the Perfect Candidate
  • Works Full Time for you
  • Works Exclusively for you
  • Works your Business Hours
  • No added Payroll Tax costs
  • No Added Costs for Healthcare and Dental – Its included
  • All at a fraction of the cost of a Local Employee


With A HireSmart Virtual Employee:

  • Native English Speakers from the Philippines 
  • English is the Business Language of the Philippines
  • Highly Dedicated, Eager Workforce
  • Trained & Certified as a Ready, Willing and Able Employee
  • Demonstrated ability to learn quickly and apply new skills
  • Guaranteed Replacement Options Available from HireSmart
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