Certification Process

At HireSmart, we pride ourselves in having a certification process which confirms the testing and interviewing process results. If you have ever hired someone who looked great on paper & sounded great in the interviews, but once put to work failed you, you understand why this is a critical step to our success.

After our clients select their chosen candidate, we spend 40 hours working with them. This allows us to monitor and test several things:

  • Communication Skills
  • Ability to Learn New Tasks
  • Evaluate their Deduction & Reasoning Process
  • Research Skills
  • Ability to Retain Information

A person can “fake it” for a few hours and maybe even several hours, but it is nearly impossible to do so for 40 intense hours. If we find a candidate isn’t up to our standards, we release them from the program and allow clients to interview 3 new candidates at no additional charge. We have about a 12.5% fall-out rate from the certification class. This was significantly reduced in 2019 from 20% due to a new testing process for candidates in the initial stages.

If you would like to find out more about how a virtual employee can help you, please feel free to book an appointment to speak with us.

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