Recruiting Process

Your Virtual Employee (VE) is specifically recruited using a detailed and comprehensive screening process.

We have a very thorough and challenging hiring process to make sure we set you up for the best success. We guarantee our VE placements.

Step 1- Basic Skills

We start with a basic skills assessment. We evaluate verbal and math skills using the same assessment tools Fortune 500 companies’ use. We have analyzed thousands of applicants and it was determined a successful property manager score would be between 34 & 40.

We require all candidates to score 35 and above before they can move to Step 2.

Step 2 – Personality Traits Profile

Knowing that basic math and verbal skills can only tell so much about the potential success in the role. We require your Virtual Employees to have emotional intelligence based on the role they will be performing.

In this step, we evaluate a candidate’s personality across 12 personality traits to make sure to match the best candidate for a specific role. The testing software algorithm we started was is US candidate based, so we have analyzed and adapted it with our proven algorithm for candidates from the Filipino culture.

Step 3- Learning Style

We evaluate the candidates’ DISC profile to predict their behavior and to make sure that they are not adapting their personality style just to meet the job requirements. We are fully trained in how to utilize the DISC analysis and have proven over and over again which candidates have the best success in each role of a property management role.

Step 4 – Computer Literacy

We want to make sure that they have computer literacy and internet aptitude by testing their literacy.

Step 5 – Typing

We evaluate their typing skills to make sure they can get the work done quickly and accurately.

Step 6 – Technology

We evaluate their technology and vet their home offices for internet speed, a hardwired connection, and have them document their equipment. We have minimum technology requirements based on the position that they will be handling for you.

Step 7 – Extensive Interview Process

We have a minimum of 3 sets of interviews by different recruiters to make sure that the VE has a great command of the English language, can answer questions completely and are professional in their approach. The CEO of HireSmart Virtual Employees, who is also a Broker/Owner, personally does the final interview to make sure that you are getting the best quality candidates to choose from.

Step 8 – Criminal Background Checks

We perform an NBI background screening (FBI equivalent) on every placement. Your data is important and we want to keep you safe. Making sure that our placements are upstanding citizens is important. We also require candidates to provide a Barangay Clearance which certifies that the citizen has “good moral character” and a resident of the community.

Step 9 – Client Interviews

Now that your candidates are fully vetted, we select 3 top candidates that meet your skills & personality requirements for you to interview. We carefully observe each interview to make sure that our clients are making the best decision possible. We provide feedback and analysis to our clients as needed to ensure success.

Step 10 – Successful passing of the Certification Course

After your selection, we put your VE through a 1-week Certification Course. The CEO of HireSmart Virtual Employees teaches, tests, and evaluates the ongoing performance of your VEs comprehension, communication, and quality level of output of work. It is not uncommon for the CEO to release a VE from service if she feels the VE isn’t up to her standards for the position.

Out of 100 applications that we receive only 3 to 5 are every placed in front of our client, and only about 88% of those make it through the Certification Course and graduate.

We have your Back!

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