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The challenge we're facing.

Is your management company, condo association, HOA, or Co-op looking for qualified community association managers? Join the club! According to the Foundation for Community Association Research, “The demand for professional community management is outpacing the number of individuals entering the profession.” With a majority (97%) of survey respondents reporting a shortage of community managers.

With community managers in such high demand, your management company or association may be struggling to attract qualified individuals for the job. You could increase salary and benefits, but that directly affects your profit. A management virtual employee (VE) may be the solution to your hiring woes.

Extend the Capacity of Your Management Team

With community association management VEs, you can expand the capacity of your existing community management team. Instead of the need to hire multiple managers, you can have a small number of “Executive Community Managers” acting as boots on the ground, while your team of community association management VEs supports them virtually.

How a Community Association Management Virtual Employee Can Help

A community association management VE can handle all homeowner communications over the phone or email, produce document packages, schedule appointments and meetings, and many other tasks that take away from your manager’s effectiveness. Your managers’ productivity goes up, homeowners get a better stream of communication, and your association board members are happy.

Find Your Perfect Match with HireSmart

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HireSmart Virtual Employees (HSVE) matches qualified candidates to your expectations, and then trains them to meet your exact needs. Your HSVE VE comes to you fully trained at a fraction of the cost of hiring and onboarding a new in-house employee.

When you recruit your next employee through HSVE, you can rest assured that you are getting a great-fit employee that can take on whatever you need and do their job to the fullest extent. HSVE will bring candidates that perfectly fit your needs and have demonstrated the ability to think on their feet, learn quickly, and apply new skills in the fast-paced Condo/HOA management environment.

All the benefits, at a fraction of the cost

Your management VE works exclusively for you, full time, the same hours as you work. They are the same as any other remote employee you hire, except you don’t have to pay extra taxes when you run the payroll.

Your VE will be billed as any other vendor, so you don’t have to foot the bill for the extensive list of benefits a prospective new employee would need. And as a fully remote VE, you don’t need to spend money on additional on-site costs like equipment and furniture either.

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