We're passionate about maximizing value for business owners.

At HireSmart Virtual Employees, we partner with business owners to find innovative solutions to their biggest operational headaches. We’ve built an impressive track record of success by helping our clients to improve communication & customer service while offloading administrative tasks on their shoulders. We take the guesswork out of hiring a virtual employees and provide all of the resources necessary to ensure a successful working relationship.

Our Core Values

Service:  Exceed expectations
Mindful:  We want raving fans
Available:  Easy access
Respectful:  Love, protect, & respect others
Team:  Working together
Ethics & Integrity:  Do the right thing
Relationships:  Most important over all

The Founders

Mark & Anne Lackey
Mark & Anne Lackey
Anne Lackey loves starting and running businesses. Mark Lackey has always been fascinated with making things work better and run smoother.

Together they have co-founded and run multiple businesses for 2 decades. They have generated over 15.7 million dollars in revenue for their service based businesses in the past 4 years alone.

By coaching and consulting with hundreds of CEOs and Executives, they have found 3 common core business problems: Owner Overwhelm, Staff Turnover, and Poor Customer Service or Lack of Follow-Up/Through.

In 2014 Mark & Anne found an alternative to traditional hiring and have been helping other business owners grow and get control over their businesses while saving an average of 50-75% over traditional practices by sourcing quality employees from the Philippines. They have evaluated over 20,000 applicants and come up with the successful formula for any client needing help with: Customer Service, Sales Support, Marketing Support, Administration, and Accounting. If it can be done by a computer & a phone, they can source the right hire for their clients.

They believe in a high level of professionalism and are guided by an unwavering set of Core Values. Every virtual employee they place agrees to these maintain these core values as well as agree to these a Standard of Professionalism. It is fundamental to our business that everyone agrees to maintain a high level of ethics and professionalism.

Our Approach

Unlike other companies, we source for each client's individual needs just like a traditional recruiter. We write the ads, screen the applicants, test them extensively, perform several rounds of interviews with different team members, and then Anne performs the final curation of candidates for every client.
Candidate / Client Interviews
Once Anne has fully vetted 3 top candidates for our clients, she hosts the interviews via Zoom. We provide questions to help you make your final selection, provide you with DISC analysis, writing samples, technology assessment, internet speeds, etc. Once the interviews are complete, Anne can evaluate the 13 personality behaviors to make sure you are making the best selection for your company.

Certification & Onboarding
After the final hiring decision is made, our team steps in to provide hands-on training. We spend 40 hours working directly with your new virtual employee. We work to make sure that your new virtual employee has the skills to be amazing, starts to learn more about you and your business, and is prepared for their first day with you. In addition, we provide guidance and support for you to make your experience a pleasant one.

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