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In this episode of The Hire Talent, Mark and I have shared great ideas on how you can increase your business performance and revenue by hiring top-performing Virtual Employees that are trained and experienced to take charge of the clerical and customer service duties in general.

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Setting expectations and developing clear predictive results are always important to prevent certain strife in workplace relationships, conflicts, and poor organizational performance. I always want to make sure that every inch of my business performance will remain at its highest level or be at least in its ideal or standard state.

Since I have a dedicated team to back me up, part of what I need to stay focus on is my performance assessment of my virtual professionals. I do this by checking my virtual staff’s performance, developing their skills, and helping them grow by deliberately monitoring their challenges and successes every week. All these steps are the standard components of my weekly evaluation helping me to set necessary expectations for the business.

In this article, let me share with my 2 key factors on how to set an expectation for my business and virtual employees:

KPI Reporting

We have discussed in a previous article, KPI or Key Performance Indicator is a specific method that measures the effectiveness of a business achieving certain objectives and goals. This reliable and strategic practice is commonly used by many organizations to evaluate their success at reaching targets.

One way to gauge the relevance of a KPI is typically by using computable criteria that are time-bound, attainable, measurable, and specific. To better understand this process, KPI needs to be classified according to strategical business objectives by following these steps:

  1. What is your preferred outcome?
  2. What is the importance of this outcome?
  3. Who is responsible for this outcome?
  4. How can you or your team contribute to this outcome?
  5. How will you measure the achievements?
  6. When or how often will you review progression?

Periodic Meetings

Setting clear expectations will not be complete without gathering the people involved and addressing each corresponding contribution and any challenges that need to be resolved. In fact, one of the reasons to hold a meeting is to provide information. Another reason is to create a mechanism for decision-making and to obtain ideas from a group or individual discussion. Always remember that a successful business is composed of shared ideas molded together to produce an ever-innovative approach towards our modernized environment.

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