3 Steps to a Better 2016

We hope as you reflect on 2015 and look forward to 2016 – you are pleased.

As we close the door on 2015, we wanted to share with you 3 things that we hope will help you in 2016 have more of what you want out of life.

1 – Quit doing things you don’t want to do

While it sounds simple – you can improve your quality of life by simply doing more of what you enjoy. But first you have to ask yourself – what tasks are dragging you down? What would you eliminate from your work or personal life?

If the task is required to be done –  figure out how to minimize it or get rid of it completely.  For us that meant – hiring virtual employees. If we don’t like doing it and it can be done via a phone or computer – our virtual employee does it for us.

Now there are some things that a virtual employee can’t do. Ask yourself – does it really need to be done?

There are times that we do things out of a sense of obligation, because they are expected or a sense of false guilt – those are feelings that weigh you down. Resolve in 2016 to live your life the way you want to. Nothing has improved our quality of life more than when we let go of what we perceived were expectations that had nothing to do with what we wanted, but what we believed other people wanted. We changed our friends, some of our family, and started doing what we really wanted to do. It was liberating and you know what – we didn’t miss those we let go of – they were just holding us back & weighing us down. Let it go!

2 – Would a little extra cash ease the burden?

Of course it would. Yet, we find people make excuses as to why they aren’t producing the income that they desire. It is a mindset. You can have anything you want if you are willing to do what it takes.

“People quit because it takes too long to see results, because they can’t figure out that the process is the result.” ~ David Wong.

What would you need to do to get a little extra cash? It may be simpler that you think. Think about selling 1 more widget a week or go on 1 more appointment. What impact would that had on your business? What needs to be done to make that happen?

For us, it meant using the skills of other people to afford us more time with clients. More time with clients = more cash in our pockets. We went through the process of evaluating: how could we get more widgets produced?

Prospecting, marketing, branding, research, customer service – all of that is done by our virtual staff which allows us to do more business.

3 – What would you do if you could?

If you had more time and more cash – what would you do? Often people don’t have life the way they want because they don’t believe it is possible. For a minute – remove the limitations from your mind. Get rid of all the reasons you can’t and believe that you can. What would you do?

Believe it or not – a lot of people don’t have an answer to this question. They never allow themselves to even think about what they would even want to do. Dream! Dream big and then think about how to get what you want.

We have shared with you that hiring virtual employees have given us more time and more cash while enjoying the business more. It has allowed us to travel, spend time with other business leaders, develop new strategies, help other business owners grow, & we get to do it together. We have created the life we always wanted and we want that for you.

May 2016 be the start of new beginnings. If we can help you in 2016 – let us know.

Mark & Anne Lackey

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