5 Steps to Train Your Remote Staff Effectively

Using our 5 steps to train your remote staff is the key to having them help manage your business. If you have provided a good training foundation, then, without a doubt, you can be at ease in assigning specific tasks that would help you manage and grow your business. By providing the right kind of training and allotting some time each week to training your remote staff you will see the best results.

Here are some tips that you might consider when conducting training for your remote staff:

1.     Make an outline of the topics that you want to introduce to your remote staff

Start with an introduction to the nature of business of your company. If your remote staff already has the experience, then it will be easier for you to train her in the other areas of the business. If your remote staff does not have the specific experience for the task, providing the foundational skills and learning is necessary.

We recommend that every client starts with the top item that they want to get off their plate.

2.    Create activities at the end of each training session

To make sure that your remote staff understood the topic for the day, prepare some activities to gauge your remote staff’s level of understanding and comprehension. The results of the activities would give you a hint if your remote staff has understood what you have discussed and if he/she is ready for the next topic.

In addition, doing the tasks shortly after the initial training allows for reinforcement and early correction of any mistakes. At HireSmart Virtual Employees, we use a variety of learning styles to make sure that we cover all the modalities of learning.

3.    Use Join.me or GoToWebinar sessions when conducting interactive training

GotoWebinar and Join.me allow you to fully communicate with your remote staff – this gives you options to share screens, chat, do video calls, and much more.

If you want a cheaper option, you can use skype with screen share, but the quality will not be the same.

4.    Ask if your remote staff has questions to engage the trainees

Learning is always fun when it is interactive. Do not bore your remote staff by continuously speaking and not asking if he/she has questions. Occasionally, ask your remote staff if they fully understood the topic, or if there are questions along the way.

5.    Create an organized training library

Once you have trained on a topic, make it available for refreshers by placing it where the remote staff can access it again. We have found that having an organized central learning library, it allows us to cross-train more effectively.

Having it well-organized means that it can be accessed for future hires with little to no need for us to redo it again. If a task or process changes, then we ask the remote staff member who is responsible for that task to keep it up to date.

Incorporating these 5 tips into your training sessions, it will help you get the most out of your remote staff during the training period.

Don’t want to train your remote staff from scratch? This is about using our training to help. We have a wide variety of training topics from Social Media, Customer Service, and Cultural Differences – for you and your team member, and lots of real estate topics like Property Management, Broker/Agent, and Investor. You can learn more about our classes here.


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