Are You a World Builder in the Business Realm?

I love a brain that can build a world, so I enjoy writers who create a landscape of characters engaged in all sorts of narratives. 


If you’re a business owner, you’re also a world builder, but there’s nothing fictional about it. You’re creating a landscape and a framework for others to shine by applying their skills to various tasks. 


Isn’t this cool? If you started a business, I hope you can pull back on occasion to that 10,000-foot view and look at what you’ve accomplished and what impact your vision has on other people. 


There is No “Box” When Hiring in Today’s World  


As business owners, we sometimes put our focus on the money, right? Am I profitable? What expenses do we need to incur or cut? It can become transactional. But if you can make a business thrive, this is truly the deeper satisfaction — the knowledge that you’ve built a little world where other people find sustenance, purpose, and satisfaction. I don’t think you can be an entrepreneur unless this fact powers you. Do you have a world-building mind? Do you love that world and its inhabitants? 


Make no mistake: world-building is tough. It’s all in the details; you can’t leave anything to luck. Chance is a factor in everything. Good and bad breaks happen. The weather impacts a homebuilder. But quality homes aren’t luckily constructed. Quality businesses aren’t either. 


My husband Mark and I see HireSmart Companies as our world-building endeavor, and we’ve had our good fortunes, lucky breaks, and bad ones. But our success has been about process, not chance. We are hawks about detail. And the first detail is easy to understand but hard to achieve: We better be good at this. “Being good” means our clients and virtual employees must thrive. If we accomplish those two things, helping them shine, then our personal success is a nice byproduct, but it’s secondary to the earlier aims. If it’s not, our priorities are out of order. 


When Planning Clicks, You Know It’s Right   


That means it’s our business to help your world thrive. You oversee a small world of activity. It’s rough at times, I’m sure. 


Of course, quality staffing is one of the most challenging tasks in business building. Employees are the bedrock of a company. You can’t do everything all alone. Good luck if you try, but I feel bad for you because that’s truly heavy lifting. 


I picture a truck full of heavy boxes, and we’re a team with capable arms. “Hey, we’ve got this. Let us move these for you.” That’s what we are in the office world, not the manual labor department. You have boxes; we have arms. 


The Cost Benefits of Hiring VEs are Undeniable     


We find the best talent in the Philippines to move those “office work boxes,” handling an array of tasks for clients that clog schedules for in-office employees and hinder production. But our VEs can be so much more than “box movers.” They are so sharp. They’re talented, and one of the great pleasures of our international world-building business is clients’ delight when they see how wonderful their virtual employees are. People just don’t understand until they see this daily.   


Hiring Staff For Your Condo, HOA or Co-Op? Consider Community Association Virtual Assistants  


Our employees also get 40 hours of certification training before working with clients, so they are educated about their new role before onboarding. 


“Oh boy, I can tell you what, we work with several companies that provide virtual assistants, and HireSmart is hands down the best,” said Philessia Edwards of Goodwin & Company. “When I look at other agencies that don’t have that training up front, they’re a little bit slower at picking up. We are very busy department. We have multiple avenues of contact, and the virtual employees coming from HireSmart, they just pick it up. They are just able to pick it up a lot faster. And they have a better understanding of what it is we do here.” 


If you feel it, then tell me about your world! What have you built? What are you hoping to build? What are your struggles? Yes, we have staffing solutions for you, which I’m happy to detail, but even if you don’t want that, I love a good talk about building the best business world possible, and I’m happy to listen and offer any help I can.  


Click here to set up that talk. It will be my pleasure.  

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