Can You Make Smart Hires, Then Let The Good Times Roll?

I like to dance and have fun. I like having a good time. (Now I’m hearing Kool and the Gang’s “Celebration” as I type.)  

But even when I party, I want it done right, especially when I’m hosting the shindig.  

Who do I invite? What activities will we have? What will be served? How do I decorate? It’s an imaginative process. A party host creates an environment. I think of the people coming and imagine who will hit it off and what they will most enjoy. 

I must contemplate their experience, not my own. What’s going to make them laugh, smile, and shine? 

It’s a real challenge, but I absolutely love it. If you come to my party, I want you to leave with a full stomach, a new set of friends, and the long-term memory of a blast. I want you to think about my next big bash. 

At HireSmart, we have a big yearly party with hundreds of Filipino employees. And even though it’s online, we make it grand, with awards and prizes, hired entertainment, and time to mingle in small groups. Our employees feel the love and the fun. 

If you think about it, there’s a party-host element to being a good business owner. How do you anticipate the needs of others, and how do you fill those needs? Identify the problem, find a solution, then create a process for scaling. That’s it in a nutshell. It’s all about amplifying positive experiences. 

When it comes to smart hiring, I’ve done the “party planning” to ensure a great environment and experience for all who accept the invitation. 

First, I want to know what you want. What’s irking you? What’s stressing you out? Let’s identify at least three things we can take off your shoulders — the daily tasks that bum you out. These duties need to be transferred away to improve your life. We can move those burdens to a qualified person for a fraction of what it would cost you in office. 

We have a long-established process for vetting employees from the Philippines, where English is their business language and where employees work your business hours. They are accustomed to handling tasks any office worker in the U.S. can handle by phone or computer. If you fear the English won’t be up to par, please let us show you the truth. They will impress you along with their skills and what they can do for your business. 

Think about it. There’s no overhead for office rent, computer equipment, internet lines, parking fees, etc. These workers must meet our tech standards to be considered. They must prove themselves in an exhaustive vetting process that eliminates most from consideration.  

In return, we’re good to those who make the cut. We provide them with above-average Filipino wages, health and dental insurance, and a supportive community to help. All of that costs you $9 an hour. 

The employees are eager to make it work. And I wouldn’t let them go to work for you if I wouldn’t hire them myself. That’s my promise. 

I like to see smiles, and I’ve seen plenty in this job. It’s gratifying. I’d like a chance to see you smile by setting you up with real stress reduction and financial relief.  

When we get such things, we all are ready to party and celebrate – Am I right? If you’re interested in letting the good times roll with the aid of virtual employees, click here for a free consultation. 

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