The HireSmart Genesis story is actually about a vacation nightmare. We finally managed to get our property management company into a state where we could step away. We booked the flights, packed the bags, said farewells, got to the resort, and then the text hit. 


For my husband and me, the short digital message arrived as a meteor strike, like something blazed through the sky to land right on our heads, creating an explosion and leaving chaos. 


Karen quit! No! 


That's who we left in charge, but now she was suddenly gone. All of our responsibilities crashed back on our shoulders. All of our planning was destroyed. Our vacation was ruined. 


But our smashed sandcastle of a vacation was the least of our worries. We felt exposed to our clients. We quickly scrambled to ensure every duty was met and every promise kept. We met our obligations, but the stress was immense. 


Never again! That was the vow. We were too reliant on one person. We realized we would never relax on a vacation if someone could do that to us again. We needed a team, not a Karen. 


7 Steps to Hiring Quality Staff   


But how could we afford a team? How could we stretch responsibilities across a network of people who provided insurance against the sudden absence of any individual? 


We realized we do most of the work on a computer or by phone, not onsite. We also saw that the internet links us from LA to Atlanta and from New York to Seattle, but it also ties us to Australia, Europe, Africa, and anywhere on the globe. 


The dollar is the strongest currency in the world. So, if we could find quality office employees in a country where the dollar has the most value, we could hire virtual employees with quality wages for their market while paying a lower cost than our local market rate. 


We extensively researched the best markets for virtual office employment and determined the Philippines provides the best option. With English as the official business language of the nation, a shared strong work ethic, and where "Bayanihan," the much-cherished Filipino spirit of solidarity, civic unity, and cooperation, is strong, the Philippines is the best option. 


Is Fear Holding You Back From Big Gains? 


We partnered with a Filipino agency to help us ensure we meet all laws and human resources obligations in the Philippines. We also added Theriza, our first Filipino virtual employee, who was wonderful! She helped our onsite staff immensely. We added more virtual employees. 


We wondered: Are there more Therizas? I was determined to find them. That became our new business. I would be the best around at finding each great hire, one by one, for other businesses, and I got really good at that. 


That was a decade ago, and we're thriving more than ever. An interesting fact also is Theriza still works with us. We have a very low attrition rate here because we treat our Virtual Employees well. We are the best in the business at locating quality Filipino virtual employees for various industries, with an over 98 percent successful placement rate. 


Anne Lackey's Company Offers a Unique Virtual Solution for Staffing Issues 


Think about that: 24 of 25 employees work out for our clients. Is that typical in an office? Would you feel good with a 96 percent hiring success rate in your office? Of course, if you're the one in 25, we will work with you on a solution. 


We also help our clients through the onboarding process, but before that, we put our virtual employees through a 40-hour certification process where they learn the terminology and basics of the client's industry. 


"I can walk away and know that our clients are in excellent hands with Abby at the helm," said one client about her virtual employee. "She even keeps the rest of our team in line making sure they get their jobs done on time and up to standards! She's a joy to work with and truly an incredible virtual employee!" 


We get that sort of feedback all the time, and it's such a blast. I love the connections I make between people who are far away geographically but are close in values and spirit. 


Our vacation meteor strike was the negative that launched a huge positive — hundreds of quality virtual relationships that wouldn't have otherwise happened. I love telling that lemons-to-lemonade story. 


And I want you to love your vacation — without meteor strikes! Enjoy life! Recharge, you absolutely need it! I'm serious. It's healthy to pull away at times. 


But when you step away, you need confidence in a quality team to relax. My job is helping other people find that relaxation. 


Let me know if you'd like me to help you. Click here to set up a chat at your convenience. 




Anne + The HireSmart Team 

Co-Founder – HireSmart Companies 

Direct: 678-389-9929 

Helping Business Owners Find Great Workers – HireSmart Virtual Employees 

Helping Kids – HireSmart Cares in Action 

Thank you to our clients who are creating an impact 

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We tend to think of “fun” as the quick dopamine jolt of joy, a side-splitting laugh, or a toe-tapping tune. 


But there are more profound types of “fun,” which aren’t so fleeting. It’s “fun” to see incremental progress in learning an instrument, to lose yourself in a long novel, or to restore something old and make it new. 


I view our professions as mental craftwork infused with many long-form fun possibilities if we know how to look. 


Think about the next level of “fun,” that more profound thing. The challenges you overcome, the skills you acquire, and the milestones you reach provide a sense of achievement that quick-hit pleasures can’t match — the fun of growth and personal development. 


A call to action: HireSmart Cares aims to help youth realize their potential   


Think of the“fun” in building relationships and contributing to something larger than oneself. This joy takes time and effort to develop and is about the journey, the shared experiences, and the bonds you build. 


My world, my business, my passion — it’s about creating this sort of “fun.” How do I help generate it? How do I help spread that joy? 


It starts with helping my clients feel empowered. Work can be so hard, right? When we’re overwhelmed, it shows up in our bodies with issues like chronic fatigue, headaches, muscle tension, and stomach problems. We get irritable with others. We’re tense and unable to pull our minds from constant job-related stresses. This is no fun! And it’s not healthy. 


Would You Like to Help Your Staff Improve and Succeed? 


The whole point of my business is to flip that script for others. I meet daily with business owners and managers on workload management plans. How can we shift time-consuming tasks off their plates at a low cost in a quality way? How can we transform stress into fun? That’s it. That’s my work. 


I connect stressed business people with highly vetted, smart, thoughtful Filipino virtual employees, and I watch clients’ pressures ease and their smiles return. 


Burnout: Why it Happens and How to Reduce It 


And it’s fun! I love hearing from clients who feel a heavy weight lifted and find more free time to pursue what they consider fun. 


“I could walk away and go on vacation, and I know our business is in great hands with Brenda and Abby,” said our client Colleen about her two HireSmart virtual employees. “And Abby is communicating with all of our clients; our clients are communicating with Abby. It’s beautiful. It’s wonderful. It’s perfect. And Brenda is just one of those incredible people that’s just amazing. I think we just hit the pot of gold.” 


What’s The Cure For the Work-Life Migraine? 


I also have a blast working with our virtual employees to improve their lives. We provide our VEs free health and dental care at no cost to the clients. We provide educational scholarships to the children of our VEs. We have their backs in times of need, such as offering financial support to the families of 31 employees affected by Typhoon Rai.  


HireSmart Cares Typhoon Assistance — Richan’s story 


We provide our VEs with a 40-hour “certification” course before onboarding with our clients. This boosts the employees’ confidence and helps our clients enjoy a smooth onboarding process since our VEs are educated on terminology and industry practices before joining their teams. 


Let’s chat if you’re interested in bringing some fun into your office by efficiently allocating tasks at a low cost, which leads to significant stress reduction. This conversation is my version of fun. Truly.  


Whether we partner in business or not, I’ll enjoy hearing about your office outlook and talking with you about various efficiency possibilities. We’re a business success management agency. And our success only happens when we help others succeed. That’s goal number one. 


Click here to set up a talk at your convenience, and while I can’t promise a toe-tapping tune, let’s share a laugh or two. Let’s have some fun! 



Tell me a story. Young and old want the same. We're creatures of narrative, entertained by tales of journeys, conflicts, love, despair, and hope. 


We each have our own stories. Your business has a narrative, too. What's your company's creation story? How did it grow? What's happening now, and where will the business be in 10 years? Those are powerful narratives involving multiple personal stories, too. 


This month, I'm talking about "fun in business," and sharing stories tops my list. 


Anne Lackey's Company Offers a Unique Virtual Solution for Staffing Issues 


We formed HireSmart after my husband, Mark, and I went on vacation, and the employee we left in charge of our property management company texted her resignation right as we were headed for breakfast on our first morning there. This was a much-needed getaway as we had waited 7 years. Unfortunately, after less than 1 day there, we ended up packing our bags and driving 6 hours to head back home. It was at that moment we determined to set up a more reliable form of staffing for our business. We did that, and then we created a new company to do that for others. 


Since then, we've helped hundreds of business owners and managers find greater workload efficiencies through low-cost, reliable office staffing from the Philippines. 


Beyond Words: Turning Your Company's Core Values into Daily Actions   


But enough about me. I'm interested in you. Seriously. What's your story? It's honestly a joy to hear other people talk about their lives and their challenges. I've learned that engaging in another's mental journey and walking with them as they contemplate decisions is deeply rewarding. 


And if you're a business owner, I can empathize with the twists and turns of your story. You never really put it to bed, do you? The story goes on while we sleep because owning a business is 24/7/365. 


Even now, I live that, too. HireSmart is our child in a way. We're always thinking about it. We're always considering how to serve our clients because a customer-centric focus is the only way any business truly thrives. You understand this, too. 


You also know that any business is only as good as its people. These questions are crucial for your business: who you hire, how they perform, how they improve, and how long they stay. 


At HireSmart, we're deep in that narrative for hundreds of companies daily. We're pros at finding the right person to suit our client's specific needs at a low cost. 


The Cost Benefits of Hiring Virtually 


As you consider your business narrative, remember that every quality story has a beginning and an end. It also includes a character who sees an obstacle and takes action to resolve that problem. 


HireSmart has served as a positive plot turn for many business narratives. Staffing was a problem, and owners and managers sought us out for solutions, finding that onsite staff could be freed up to perform crucial duties by shifting other work to online employees. 


"We were on the fence for a really long time, for many years," said Abby, director of operations for a U.S. property management company. "And when we got our virtual employee, I thought about how different we could have scaled our company, how we could have improved policies and procedures if we had taken on virtual employees many years ago." 


There is No "Box" When Hiring in Today's World 


Abby's company has six HireSmart virtual employees. 


"Collectively, they're some of the most positive people I've ever been in communication with," she said. "They're very hardworking, very upbeat, and just go, go, go." 


It's so fun to link people like Abby with quality employees from afar who aren't so different from us. They love their families, want to provide value to the world, and want to have fun and be happy.  


HireSmart VE Is Always Available for His Family and Profession 


Our business is a feel-good narrative because it aims to be that for others — a feel-good story. 


What's your business story? And can we help you shape it to be even better? 


Click here if you'd like to chat about that. 


It would be truly fun for me, and I think you'd enjoy it, too — your story taking shape.  



Wasn't that fun? 


Well, that's subjective, right? Some people enjoy a brutal roller coaster ride or two hours of a jump-scare horror flick, while such experiences are torture for others. The extrovert loves a party. The introvert can't wait for a pillow and a good book. 


How we laugh, play, and find fun varies greatly. Are you a thrill-seeker, a chill-seeker, or something in between? 


Most businesses include a mix of personality types, so bringing fun to the work environment requires thought about the people you want to engage. The best way to jazz things up is with variety, which gives different personality types the opportunity to find something appealing. 


The Costs of a High Turnover Rate 


But how do you do this in a remote work setting? Well, here are a few ideas for fun in the virtual office: 






Want to Thrive, Not Just Survive, in the Face of Inflation? 







Ready for Fun? Here's How to Prepare Your Business 





In business, we're involved in a shared commercial purpose, but each of us brings something unique to the table, and employees need opportunities to express that and feel valued. Your team's curiosity, purpose, and fun matter. When employees feel personally engaged with others, they are much more likely to thrive. 


I love talking to business owners about their staffing situations and how to be efficient, but I also want our clients to live their best lives, which involves spreading the "live-your-best-life" attitude to others. A big part of that is having fun in whatever you do. 


5 Reasons to Be Grateful for Your Virtual Employee 


If you're interested in discussing how to bring cost savings, greater efficiencies, and more fun to your office, I'd love to chat. Click here to set up a time that works best for you. 




Every child deserves fun. We want kids to laugh and play because a growing mind without delight is like a garden without flowers and bright colors. “Fun” is where kids bloom. 


I think of my grandchildren and their eyes of wonder. I hope they never lose the thrill of new things or the desire to explore. 


My hope for our employees is similar. I want them to be thrilled by new experiences and driven to explore and grow.  


So, how do we make work fun? Here are some tips: 



How Do Your Employees Know They’re Valued? 




Improving Your Team Takes Some Self-Evaluation 




Want to Become a Better Virtual Team Leader? 


We work with adults, not children. But it’s important to see the power of fun in the office. That’s where employees want to stay, and that’s where newcomers want to be. Every workplace develops a reputation, whether good or bad. And a “fun place to work” holds distinct value. 


At HireSmart, we work with business owners to reduce office stress and create a fun, fulfilling workplace. Our virtual employees bring skill and positivity to your team, allowing for a happier environment.  


“Fun” is where business blooms. And we want your staff to have an abundant garden in that way.  


Click here to chat more about this at your convenience. 




Think of a 180-degree dial, like a speedometer. On one extreme is a person performing a repetitive, mindless task while on autopilot, completely disengaged day after day. They desperately need a new challenge. 


On the other extreme, a person can hardly sleep because their mind won't shut off. They're engaged in complex, strategic thought on a myriad of issues. They need help managing their impossible workload. 


Where are you on this dial? Where are your employees? 


Nobody has fun at either extreme — whether "checked out" or "stressed out." Each person needs to be at a challenging yet manageable engagement speed. Nothing gets done at 0 mph. Crashes are common at 180 mph. 


It's necessary to assess your entire team in this way. Are they appropriately engaged? What can you do to rev up those who aren't at the right pace and bring your potential stressed-out burnouts down to a safer speed? 


When Tom Quits, Consider a VE Team Instead 


Employees are all different, so they can't be managed identically. Here are some tips on moving the dial toward the right for those not appropriately engaged, followed by tips on relieving your workhorses of some stress. 


For the disengaged: 




The Web is the Great Equalizer 




For the stressed workhorses: 



Don't Let the Good Ones Get Away  




That last point is where HireSmart Virtual Employees steps in. Most business owners are hyper-focused on efficiency, and their employees are generally stretched thin and unable to take on many new tasks. It's hard to shift duties from one person to another because many offices are maxed out, and hiring new employees locally may be too costly. 


We provide another option. What if you can hire dedicated, thoughtful, and skilled office employees from abroad at a fraction of the cost of a local hire? Our bill rate is $9.50 per hour per employee. 


For that, you get someone with a skillset specifically matched to your office needs. We don't have employees already lined up in some queue. No, we talk with you about what you need. We then search for the specific person in the Philippines with the appropriate capabilities and personality to fit into your office culture and workflow. 


Sheryl Shares How Insurance Through HireSmart Made a Difference 


Your virtual employee gets free health and dental insurance through HireSmart at no cost to you. Meanwhile, you get more quality hours at a low to help your workhorses focus on what they do best while reducing the chances they'll get burnt out and bolt somewhere else. 


If you want to get your office in a better place on the workflow speedometer, we're here for you. 


Click here to meet with us at a time that suits your schedule. 



Play teaches young children cause and effect. Hey, if I squeeze this rubber duck, it squeaks. Isn't that funny? If I stack these blocks high, they'll probably fall. But if I place them carefully, they might not. 


A child's curiosity fuels their mental growth through imaginative play. 


But people often seem stripped of this instinct over time. Play gives way to pure utility. Gotta eat. Gotta have a roof over me and a vehicle to get places. The idea of play seems relegated to a past life as if the young one was a completely different person than the adult we've become. 


But the instinct remains. We seek novelty, entertainment, and fun. We are creatures of play, all of us, even if the pressures of life overwhelm that sensibility at times. 


Ready for Fun? Here's How to Prepare Your Business 


Business owners need to be mindful of this simple fact. Everyone in your organization was a kid and still holds some of that old playfulness in their heart, though their body has aged. 


How can you engage the curiosity within each of them? 


Here are some thoughts: 





Want to Challenge Your Comfort Zone? Here's How 





Recognize that play is a powerful tool in the business world. It can lead to a more engaged, creative, and productive team. A place that values play and curiosity is somewhere people want to be. It helps in recruitment and retention. Such a work environment ties us to a basic childlike instinct: We want fun. We want to play! 


Help your team feel that way. 


That's where we can help you. It's hard for employees to be playful if they're overwhelmed with tasks. Often, we're too swamped with mundane duties to engage with the fun parts of our jobs. 


Do You Need a Way Out Of Conflict? 


But what if you can shift your best employees' hours in a positive direction, giving them more freedom to engage their creative sides? 


HireSmart is a business success management service, not just a virtual employee agency. We help business owners improve their workflow at a low cost, which means onsite employees have a better overall experience. When employees produce, have fun, and engage in creative thought, businesses thrive, which makes any owner happy. 


Our Filipino virtual employees (VEs) are at the top of the industry because we have the most extensive vetting process of any outsourcing agency. I've spent a decade developing my "Anne-alytics" process, and I oversee every hire, meaning that if I wouldn't hire the person to work directly for me, I won't let that person ever meet you. 


Want To Turn 'I'm Leaving' Texts Into 'I'm On It' Replies? 


Only one percent of our VE applicants pass through our rigorous process, but the ones who do are special. 


Here's what one of our property management clients said about her virtual employee, Lucky. 


"She learns quickly and can share what she has learned with others," said the client. "She has become a master of the banking portal and can assist with a variety of complicated questions. She is friendly and popular with our residents, to the point that sometimes when I answer the phone, they sound disappointed and say they were hoping for Lucky again…Thank you for finding her for us." 


If you're interested in adding highly vetted, skilled employees to your workforce at a bill rate of $9.50 an hour, click here to schedule a chat.  


Creativity is fun, right? That's true in childhood and far beyond. We'd love to work with you on creative solutions for your office needs. Let's have some fun! 


Spring is rolling in slowly but surely, and the season brings a few tasks on every agenda. Whether you're clearing out closet space, decluttering cabinets and drawers, or shuffling furniture about, spring cleaning time is here. 


For a management company, spring cleaning means tossing the old saying of "not sweating the small stuff" out the window. Those tiny details will be critical right now, and ensuring they're properly sorted will give you a much cleaner customer experience. 


'Small' Doesn't Mean 'Unimportant' 


There's an assumption that quick, simple, or infrequent tasks are less important than the big ones we face daily. However, efficient management of lesser tasks can contribute to a greater sense of ease for your staff and clients. 


All of the major tasks management company executives handle are important, but breaking free from the misconception that small tasks are less important will help you and your team better serve your clients, present and future. 


Your board members expect unfettered access to whatever they want, whenever they want it. Setting up a portal with payment access, document storage, and general community information is a very large task that can make you feel as if you've satisfied that need forever. But the reality is that maintaining all of the portal's small pieces is critical and can be the difference between satisfaction and frustration in your boards. 


Your staff have similar needs — they want to be able to do their daily tasks with minimal friction. Purchasing or building high-quality tools or creating data storage systems and access processes can help and are great large-scale successes. However, much like the finer details of your customer portal, maintaining internal information and the methods developed to help your team leverage it is just as crucial to the customer experience. 


Tiny Tasks to Tackle Today 


The good news is that the small stuff can be done pretty much in any order and by anyone. This is the equivalent of dusting behind the fridge or on the bookshelf. Things that we should have done once or twice a season already, but it's small stuff, so we didn't sweat it, right? But like dust, those small things can build up. Now is the time to handle it. 


Ensure Homeowner Portal Functionality 


If you have received complaints about links in your portal not working or missing altogether, now is an excellent time to resolve them. That might mean going into a website backend yourself or reaching out to your marketing or technology provider, but whatever the task entails, it will be a big contributor to a less agitated membership. 


Update Document Repositories As Needed 


Management company spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to take inventory of what documents are missing. Your audit should include the portals for every association you manage as well as your own management company's information stores. Updating financial packages or insurance certificates for your clients is just as valuable to your team as keeping internal client information organized and up to date. 


Maintain Homeowner Contact Information 


Connecting with homeowners is essential for board members and managers alike. Unfortunately, you might not be aware when those details change over time. Reaching out to homeowners to verify that contact information is still accurate and maintaining the contact lists can streamline important communication between managers, board members, and homeowners. 


Refresh Business Continuity Plans 


This should apply to your plans as well as your clients. For some management companies, these plans were only exercised in the winter storms. For others, you can expect to rely on them in the months ahead. Wherever you are in your local "natural disaster" calendar, updating contact information, local safety and shelter details, and making necessary changes if the original plans fail in some way will keep everyone ready and prepared should the worst-case scenario play out. 


Other Duties As Assigned 


At the end of every big cleaning session, it's wise to take stock of things that might not have made your list of tasks but are necessary nonetheless. Whether updating inventory sheets for in-office goods or setting reminders for upcoming activities like maintenance or renewals, looking at your current checklist and filling in any gaps will add more work but will keep you on track longer. 


Small But Mighty 


Remember that all of these tasks will help you do everything better. They are small and may feel tedious and taxing, but they have a lot of value. If your team is bogged down with spring cleaning, bringing in help is always an option. 


Let a virtual employee shoulder any tasks you worry about falling through the cracks to ensure they get handled. You improve your customer service and optimize your staff so your managers can focus on what they do best. 


Click here for your free 30-minute consultation to learn how a Hire Smart Virtual Employee can make this spring cleaning more effective for your management company and your portfolio of clients.  




Anne + The HireSmart Team 


Co-Founder – HireSmart Companies 

Direct: 678-389-9929 


Helping Business Owners Find Great Workers – HireSmart Virtual Employees 


Helping Kids – HireSmart Cares in Action 

Thank you to our clients who are creating an impact 


Need to talk? Schedule a time – 


It’s April, and it’s time for some spring cleaning. So, here’s a bit of useless debris to wipe out of your office — the “blame game.”  


Nothing shuts down a talk like defensiveness — the conversation killer and the assassin of achievement. So many roadblocks in life and business come from people threatened by fear of fault finding. The long detours to avoid owning up to errors lead to reduced efficiencies, lack of communication, more errors, and more problems. Fear can create ugly emotional cycles that keep your company spinning in the mud.  


Is Fear Holding You Back From Big Gains? 


As a business leader, you’re inevitably going to feel exasperated at times when employees make mistakes. That’s OK. But when the feeling hits, take a deep breath. Give yourself a moment to grab that stress ball. Take a short walk. Do whatever you need to let the initial feeling pass. 


Recognize this as a muscle-building moment in your organization, a way to reinforce solid processes. It begins with an emotional shift in yourself about this new issue. If you can’t shift away from your anger, you’ll contribute to new problems in the future by giving that employee motivation to hide future mistakes.  


Want to Become a Better Virtual Team Leader? 


The employee dropped the ball, and it landed on your food, causing pain. Ouch! Now what? 




Can Your Mistakes Be the Catalyst for Strengthening Your Team? 




Do You Need a Way Out Of Conflict? 


The “blame game” won’t push your company to the next level, but you can use mistakes as springboards to greater efficiencies and team dynamics if you play them right.  


If you want to talk more about team management, I’d love to chat.   


Click here to schedule a time at your convenience. 


I always have fresh flowers. Yes, I'm bragging about my husband, who set up regular deliveries for me. I welcome the weekly arrival of fresh arrangements. He knows I love flowers, and he's that kind of guy. Yes, I'm lucky! 


When Planning Clicks, You Know It's Right   


I'm thinking of April, the blooming of flowers, and the yearly promise of renewal that spring brings. I'm also thinking of how life is about connections and good relationships, which are all about mutual appreciation. 


That's personal and professional for me. I want that in all things — good connections. I want my employees to feel connected with us, the company's core values, and their inner values. That's how any organization shines — through its employees.  


Here are five tips on building a connected work environment: 


  1. Regular Gestures of Thoughtfulness: Small gestures of thoughtfulness can light up someone's day. Whether it's a kind note, a thoughtful gift, or a simple act of service, these gestures show that you care and appreciate the people around you. In the workplace, taking the time to acknowledge your team's efforts, celebrate their achievements, or even just checking in to see how they're doing can go a long way in developing a positive and supportive environment.


The Cost Benefits of Hiring VEs are Undeniable     


  1. Open and Honest Communication: Open and honest communication is vital to building trust and understanding. Encourage transparency within your team, where everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts, ideas, and concerns. This builds an environment of trust and teamwork.


  1. Quality Time Together: Investing time in your team helps to build solid connections and camaraderie. Schedule regular team-building activities and meetings, and share experiences. Be curious about how your team members are doing. Ask questions that let them know you care about their well-being. 


  1. Recognition and Appreciation: Take the time to recognize and respect the efforts of your team members. Whether it's a public shout-out, a bonus, or a simple thank-you note, acknowledging their contributions boosts morale and motivation, creating a positive and rewarding work environment. Also, when you see them offer such gestures to their teammates, take note and praise them.


7 Steps to Hiring Quality Staff   


  1. Empathy and Support: Just as partners support each other through thick and thin, being there for your team members during challenging times builds trust and loyalty. Show empathy and support when they face difficulties, whether work-related stress, personal struggles, or professional setbacks. Offer a listening ear, provide guidance, or offer resources to help them overcome obstacles and thrive.


At HireSmart, we focus on helping you create conditions for an efficient and happy staff. Think of all the tasks your employees have that are weighing them down, pulling them away from more vital needs, and burning them out. 


Hiring is Hard; Here's How We Help 


We connect high-quality, positive-attitude, motivated Filipino virtual employees to hundreds of U.S. businesses, helping those companies manage increased workloads while lowering costs and stress. 


We are the best in the business at recruiting, assessing, and training Filipino online office employees because we don't have a group of employees simply waiting in the "virtual queue" to fill a slot. No, we meet with you and learn about your specific needs. What is your ideal candidate for this position? 


After learning your values, we look for the person who matches that skill set and personality. We have a decade of experience in this industry and an over 96-percent placement rate, tops in the field. 


We find three candidates who we believe are best suited for that role; then you meet all three. You choose a candidate, and then we put them through a 40-hour training process to learn about your industry before onboarding with you. We continue to meet with you after onboarding to ensure any concerns are addressed. Your bill rate for that employee is $9.50 per hour, and you're getting top-notch office talent for that.  


We support that employee with free health and dental insurance at no expense to clients, and we also provide educational scholarships to the children of our employees. 


HireSmart Filipino Scholarships: Airene's story 


If you want to build a greater connection with your staff this spring, consider relieving some of their office stresses by providing them assistance with the aid of our virtual employees. Click here to set up a time to chat with us. 


In the office, a helping hand can feel better than getting flowers. 


But hey, flowers are nice, right? 


So get outside this month and enjoy the colors — and the sun! Happy Spring! 



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