Think of a 180-degree dial, like a speedometer. On one extreme is a person performing a repetitive, mindless task while on autopilot, completely disengaged day after day. They desperately need a new challenge. 


On the other extreme, a person can hardly sleep because their mind won't shut off. They're engaged in complex, strategic thought on a myriad of issues. They need help managing their impossible workload. 


Where are you on this dial? Where are your employees? 


Nobody has fun at either extreme — whether "checked out" or "stressed out." Each person needs to be at a challenging yet manageable engagement speed. Nothing gets done at 0 mph. Crashes are common at 180 mph. 


It's necessary to assess your entire team in this way. Are they appropriately engaged? What can you do to rev up those who aren't at the right pace and bring your potential stressed-out burnouts down to a safer speed? 


When Tom Quits, Consider a VE Team Instead 


Employees are all different, so they can't be managed identically. Here are some tips on moving the dial toward the right for those not appropriately engaged, followed by tips on relieving your workhorses of some stress. 


For the disengaged: 




The Web is the Great Equalizer 




For the stressed workhorses: 



Don't Let the Good Ones Get Away  




That last point is where HireSmart Virtual Employees steps in. Most business owners are hyper-focused on efficiency, and their employees are generally stretched thin and unable to take on many new tasks. It's hard to shift duties from one person to another because many offices are maxed out, and hiring new employees locally may be too costly. 


We provide another option. What if you can hire dedicated, thoughtful, and skilled office employees from abroad at a fraction of the cost of a local hire? Our bill rate is $9.50 per hour per employee. 


For that, you get someone with a skillset specifically matched to your office needs. We don't have employees already lined up in some queue. No, we talk with you about what you need. We then search for the specific person in the Philippines with the appropriate capabilities and personality to fit into your office culture and workflow. 


Sheryl Shares How Insurance Through HireSmart Made a Difference 


Your virtual employee gets free health and dental insurance through HireSmart at no cost to you. Meanwhile, you get more quality hours at a low to help your workhorses focus on what they do best while reducing the chances they'll get burnt out and bolt somewhere else. 


If you want to get your office in a better place on the workflow speedometer, we're here for you. 


Click here to meet with us at a time that suits your schedule. 



I always have fresh flowers. Yes, I'm bragging about my husband, who set up regular deliveries for me. I welcome the weekly arrival of fresh arrangements. He knows I love flowers, and he's that kind of guy. Yes, I'm lucky! 


When Planning Clicks, You Know It's Right   


I'm thinking of April, the blooming of flowers, and the yearly promise of renewal that spring brings. I'm also thinking of how life is about connections and good relationships, which are all about mutual appreciation. 


That's personal and professional for me. I want that in all things — good connections. I want my employees to feel connected with us, the company's core values, and their inner values. That's how any organization shines — through its employees.  


Here are five tips on building a connected work environment: 


  1. Regular Gestures of Thoughtfulness: Small gestures of thoughtfulness can light up someone's day. Whether it's a kind note, a thoughtful gift, or a simple act of service, these gestures show that you care and appreciate the people around you. In the workplace, taking the time to acknowledge your team's efforts, celebrate their achievements, or even just checking in to see how they're doing can go a long way in developing a positive and supportive environment.


The Cost Benefits of Hiring VEs are Undeniable     


  1. Open and Honest Communication: Open and honest communication is vital to building trust and understanding. Encourage transparency within your team, where everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts, ideas, and concerns. This builds an environment of trust and teamwork.


  1. Quality Time Together: Investing time in your team helps to build solid connections and camaraderie. Schedule regular team-building activities and meetings, and share experiences. Be curious about how your team members are doing. Ask questions that let them know you care about their well-being. 


  1. Recognition and Appreciation: Take the time to recognize and respect the efforts of your team members. Whether it's a public shout-out, a bonus, or a simple thank-you note, acknowledging their contributions boosts morale and motivation, creating a positive and rewarding work environment. Also, when you see them offer such gestures to their teammates, take note and praise them.


7 Steps to Hiring Quality Staff   


  1. Empathy and Support: Just as partners support each other through thick and thin, being there for your team members during challenging times builds trust and loyalty. Show empathy and support when they face difficulties, whether work-related stress, personal struggles, or professional setbacks. Offer a listening ear, provide guidance, or offer resources to help them overcome obstacles and thrive.


At HireSmart, we focus on helping you create conditions for an efficient and happy staff. Think of all the tasks your employees have that are weighing them down, pulling them away from more vital needs, and burning them out. 


Hiring is Hard; Here's How We Help 


We connect high-quality, positive-attitude, motivated Filipino virtual employees to hundreds of U.S. businesses, helping those companies manage increased workloads while lowering costs and stress. 


We are the best in the business at recruiting, assessing, and training Filipino online office employees because we don't have a group of employees simply waiting in the "virtual queue" to fill a slot. No, we meet with you and learn about your specific needs. What is your ideal candidate for this position? 


After learning your values, we look for the person who matches that skill set and personality. We have a decade of experience in this industry and an over 96-percent placement rate, tops in the field. 


We find three candidates who we believe are best suited for that role; then you meet all three. You choose a candidate, and then we put them through a 40-hour training process to learn about your industry before onboarding with you. We continue to meet with you after onboarding to ensure any concerns are addressed. Your bill rate for that employee is $9.50 per hour, and you're getting top-notch office talent for that.  


We support that employee with free health and dental insurance at no expense to clients, and we also provide educational scholarships to the children of our employees. 


HireSmart Filipino Scholarships: Airene's story 


If you want to build a greater connection with your staff this spring, consider relieving some of their office stresses by providing them assistance with the aid of our virtual employees. Click here to set up a time to chat with us. 


In the office, a helping hand can feel better than getting flowers. 


But hey, flowers are nice, right? 


So get outside this month and enjoy the colors — and the sun! Happy Spring! 




I recently saw a short clip from a famous TV series. A mentor shares advice with a younger person stepping into a leadership role in law enforcement.  


“You show loyalty; they learn loyalty. You show them it’s about the work, it’ll be about the work. You show them it’s about some other kind of game, then that’s the game they’ll play...Comes a day when you have to decide if it’s about you or the work.”  


This quote on leadership rings true for me. I love a job well done, no matter the task. It’s a pleasure to see any duty done with dignity. It’s apparent when you encounter the “respect-the-work” attitude in others, and I reflexively respect the person exhibiting it. Don’t you?  


As business owners, we set the tone. And it’s not about us. It’s about the work. Employees focused on “keeping the boss happy” can become resentful. They can misrepresent the facts to stay in good favor and then fail to maintain self-motivation. Instead, you want employees to experience the simple fulfillment of a job well done. You want them hungry for that self-satisfaction and always looking to improve. 


How do we get there? How do we help our staff feel driven to be their best?  


Here are some tips:  



A call to action: HireSmart Cares aims to help youth realize their potential    





The Cost Benefits of Hiring VEs are Undeniable     




10 Questions You Must Ask in Every VE Interview   


As a business owner, you can have a tremendous, positive impact on the people you employ. Celebrate the victories. Use setbacks as learning opportunities, not blame sessions.  


As a leader, you determine what the environment will be around you. Keep the focus on the love of a job well done — and that love will spread.  


I’d love to chat if you want to talk more about your team and making it the best it can be. Click here to set up a time that suits your schedule.  



I love how comedians follow the “Yes, and…” rule. Players in a comedy bit accept what another improviser has said and then expand on that line of thinking. 


I’ll spare you any jokes, but the premise of running with an idea and seeing where it leads is a great brainstorming tool.  


Person A: “How can we jazz up our cake sales?”  


Person B: “What if we put cake on a stick?”   


Person A: “Yes, and we can sell it like a lollipop.”  


Turns out, putting cake on a stick was a clever business move. People get a piece of cake in a convenient form, with a little less caloric investment than a regular slice, and for less cost. The phrase “sold like hot cakes” can now be amended to “sold like cake pops.”  


Committing to “Yes, and...” takes any idea beyond immediate rejection and momentarily validates it, even if it’s absurd. It encourages the continuous flow of ideas, allowing unexpected solutions and innovations to emerge.  


Honestly, HireSmart is simply a “Yes, and…” proposition carried to a successful extreme. My husband and I considered something that felt absurd at first.  


“What if we hire globally?”  


“Yes, and what if we delegate duties to offshore employees?”  


“Yes, and what if we have more time to do other tasks?”  


“Yes, and what if we hire more virtual employees and grow our business?”  


After committing to global hiring, Mark and I continued a long string of “Yes, and…” moves. Now, nearly a decade later, our company serves clients across the U.S. with hundreds of highly vetted Filipino virtual employees carrying out a wide range of duties and helping businesses reach their goals.  



Anne Lackey’s Company Offers a Unique Virtual Solution for Staffing Issues 



Early in our global hiring efforts, we discovered that the Philippines is the top place to find thoughtful, intelligent, ambitious, dedicated, and articulate virtual employees in a market with a much lower cost of living than the U.S. That means you can pay virtual employees good wages in their market at a much more affordable rate than paying employees for the same work in your immediate surroundings. Your bill rate for your HireSmart virtual employees is a flat $9.50 an hour.  


“The people that you (HireSmart) have given us are smart and sharp,” said Lori, a U.S. real estate executive who employs six Filipino virtual employees through HireSmart. “They ask questions. They just have great work ethics, and they’re good-hearted people. I don’t have any issues with anything, and they support each other. It’s a strong team. And it wouldn’t be strong if I had one weak link. But they’re all strong.” 


We’ve helped so many business owners and managers scale their companies, reduce costs, handle more tasks, and relieve stress.  



Here Are 10 Ways You Can Get Your Life Back  



We are also passionately dedicated to doing this right. I developed a method of finding talent, my “Anne-alytics,” that puts potential candidates through a gamut of testing, interviews, and assessments.  


Only one percent of applicants ever serve a client for us, meaning we only hire those who prove themselves in terms of skills, communication, work ethic, and professionalism. Our placement success rate is over 96 percent. That’s because we match specific skill sets to your particular needs. We also require VEs to pass our certification process, where we work with your employee for 40 hours to train them for their role with you before onboarding.  


Check Out Our Hiring Process   



Our certification process is our key to success. It allows us to ensure employees have the necessary skills and talent to serve our clients. We have live trainers, including myself, so we can easily evaluate their skills. We track our success and adapt as needed. If I wouldn’t hire a candidate for my company, they won’t be processed through to our clients.    


Perhaps you’ll find yourself posing the same question that Mark and I did a decade ago: “What if we hire globally?”  


If you’re considering abandoning the “Nah, forget it” and thinking more about a “Yes, and…”, well, we’ve run the long marathon of “Yes, and…”  


I’m glad to answer any questions. No, there won’t be improvisational comedy, but I’m confident we can leave you smiling. 


If you feel like chatting, click here to schedule a time that suits you.  





People always talk about weight loss resolutions after New Year's, but I'm more interested in hearing about other goals and perspectives, particularly from my employees.  


How do they feel about the past year? What were their highlights and their most significant achievements? What didn't go as they wanted? What's a skill they wish they had?  


We all get consumed in our busy lives — our avalanche of duties — and we can lose focus on our employees' outlook. If they manage responsibilities over the long haul without drama, we value that, right? That feels like dependability. You know what you're getting.  


But managerial apathy sets in if we slip into autopilot. That's why it's necessary to schedule times for reflection and input from staff. December is perfect for this because employees are preparing for the new calendar year and assessing their current situation. 


Here are some tips on how to set goals with employees and ensure they buy into the company and its aims over the next 12 months:  




Beyond Words: Turning Your Company's Core Values into Daily Actions  





More Tips on Motivating Employees  





Tips on Communicating with Employees  





More Tips on Managing Employees   


I'd love to chat if you would like to talk about employee development and how we can help you find more shining lights. Click here to set up a time that's convenient for you.  


Ready for Fun? Here’s How to Prepare Your Business  

I always need a vision of the trip ahead — the getaway with my husband when we let business thoughts go and simply enjoy each other’s company. He is quick-witted and still makes me laugh. He is fun.  

I need fun! Don’t you?  

That’s the point of hard work — to make the rest of our lives happier and easier so that we can enjoy the company of those we love.  

My calendar is marked for our 2024 getaway, and I hope you can make similar plans with the person or people closest to you.  

But getting away isn’t so simple, not if you’re a business owner or manager. You need a stable staff to make it happen. If your employees don’t understand their responsibilities, if they’re overloaded, if they conflict with each other, if turnover is constant, then you can’t relax, can you? 

I’m not a massage therapist, an acupuncturist, or a meditation guide, but my work is a type of relaxation service because I help business owners and managers find staff stability and peace of mind, which relieves them of stress hormones that lead to real headaches.  

I help owners visualize the relief ahead and establish a clear set of steps toward that goal — toward some fun! 

When setting goals for 2024, put your peace of mind first and take some steps to get there.  

Here are some things to think about:  

• What Can You Delegate? The first key to overcoming work stress is delegating. If you’re the only one capable of handling a task, you’re starting from a pressure position. And the more these tasks are solely in your lap, the harder it is to breathe. Hiring virtual employees (VEs) allows you to shift responsibilities around because there are more delegating possibilities. You can hire two to three highly qualified Filipino VEs for every in-office hire. Those VEs can allow some of your on-site staff to take on some of your responsibilities since VEs can handle some of theirs.  

Five Tips on How to Delegate Tasks  

• Is Your Staff Appropriately Trained? Consider these questions: Do your employees understand their roles? What educational opportunities could you offer them over the next 12 months? If one employee is out, how qualified are others to handle their duties in their absence? At HireSmart, we work with you to ensure your VE is trainable. We provide a 40-hour certification program to educate your virtual employee about your industry. We also offer coaching sessions for our clients who wish to discuss the management of remote employees. Once you have a remote staff on board, you can free your on-site staff to learn new tasks, creating a greater support system for your business when absences occur. 

Tips on Communicating with Your Remote Employee 

• What Are You Doing to Combat Burnout and Turnover? Have you ever worked in an office environment where employees are overloaded and at their wit’s end? If so, you’ll know that burnout and turnover are viruses you don’t want to encounter because they spread through an office, creating problems on top of problems. Hiring virtual employees is a fantastic way to reduce stress on your existing staff because you can reduce the time they spend on their least engaging tasks by shifting that to your VEs. 

Burnout: Why it Happens and How to Reduce It 

• What’s Most Cost-Effective? The status quo in the hiring world is to seek an employee from a drivable distance from the office. This limits the job pool of candidates and ties an employer to the local market rate for such a position. But there are so many educated, highly qualified, articulate, and good-natured employees in the Philippines, which has a much lower cost of living than the U.S., meaning an hour worked there is much cheaper than here. We have a proven process of finding the top Filipino virtual employees, with only one percent of our applicants making the cut. Any potential employee must meet our high standards before they meet you. 

Two For One is a Bargain  

HireSmart is a business success agency. We focus on helping other businesses realize their full potential, and that involves owners and managers operating at peak efficiency.  

One of our clients, James, a corporate officer and association manager, spoke of being in “crisis mode” every day. The long, six-days-a-week mad dash to get everything done was wearing him down. 

“I knew I was starting to suffer from burnout, and I needed somebody to assist me to make those things happen so I could start to breathe a little bit,” he said.  

James found relief with Eli, a Filipino virtual employee from HireSmart Virtual Employees.    

“He is embracing everything I’m throwing at him, and so that’s anything from property association management to corporate stuff,” said James about Eli. “I know that when we go out looking for another VE, we’re going to be looking for somebody like Eli. Those are the traits we will look for in another VE: somebody who is ambitious, an overachiever, who embraces technology, and is willing to step out of their comfort zone to learn and to try things.”  

As you think of the year ahead, put your peace of mind up top. Allow for some fun!  

And consider what steps you need to take to get there. I’d love to help you make it happen. I feel sure your loved ones want to see it, too. Bon voyage in 2024!  

Click here to schedule a meeting with me at your convenience.  

I milked a cow! Yes, this city girl did it.  


Why? You ask. Well, I love trying new things. Mark and I live in "the country" now. We escaped the hustle and bustle of metro mayhem for rural roads, pastures, and old barns. We've fallen in love with our local farming community and aim to help it however we can through our nonprofit, HireSmart Cares.  


HireSmart Cares Plants Seeds for the Next Generation of Farmers  


Our young granddaughters were with us for a few days, and I wanted them to see where their ice cream came from. They must understand that eggs aren't created magically in the Styrofoam container Mama buys at Kroger. And ice cream requires a cow, not just a tightly gripped spoon. So, a friend let us bring the girls over, and they watched as their grandmother milked her first cow. 


Yes, there was some giggling in the audience. But I stepped out of my comfort zone. It's not something the young Anne would have seen in her future. But over the years, I've realized I must embrace regular challenges to my easily maintained "status quo." The "same old thing" is a choice we make without realizing the risk of atrophy in certain areas. We need to keep that brain alert and open to what's new. That's living, right? Experiencing new things.  


I read with interest about scientists studying the health benefits of ice baths, articles like "Are Ice Baths Health or Just Hype?" Whatever the scientists ultimately conclude, many people who dip in icy waters vouch for its rejuvenating qualities. They feel the hurt of cold, then experience a soothing calm and a relief of muscle pains.  


I think they also feel euphoria from the shock of sudden change. The body jolted into a completely different environment that initially feels unmanageable. But then the senses overcome that biting pain of freezing with a new reality, one where the mind makes it through a physical tribulation, discovering positives on the other side. That's always a triumph. 


Most changes hold some aspect of that, right? Change is, by nature, a rip away from a status quo, a step outside our comfort zone.  


Every year, I aim to step out of my comfort zone over the next 12 months, personally and professionally.  


Do you relate to this? What's your comfort zone, and how do you venture out of it?  



Here Are 10 Ways You Can Get Your Life Back  



My business is mainly about comfort zones related to hiring. When most companies have a vacancy, there's the traditional approach (the comfort zone) to filling it. They advertise locally and consider applicants from a drivable distance, or they take someone's recommendation of a friend or acquaintance. These aren't highly targeted ways to approach hiring; businesses must pay wages comparable to similar jobs in the local market to fill the spot.  


But what if you could a.) hire someone reliable who is specifically suited for your needed role and b.) find that person in a market with a substantially lower cost of living, cutting your annual costs for that position by $ 27,000 to $ 33,000 or more?  



The Cost Benefits of Hiring Virtually   



This is now available to business owners who take a comprehensive hiring approach. Consider what duties must be done onsite in your "boots-on-the-ground" roles, and then consider what can be handled in an office. Does the location of an office employee matter to you? If so, how much? Enough to pay for space, utilities, equipment, benefits, and U.S. market wages? If the answer is "Yes," you should stick with the status quo.  


But if "No" or "Maybe" are your answers, then potentially stepping out of your comfort zone can lead to significant benefits. And it's worth investigating for the sake of fully understanding your options.  


I stepped out of my comfort zone in a big way by hiring my first virtual employee. Once I did, I realized I needed to throw my life in a new direction — a financial milk-the-cow or icy bath on a massive scale — because the reality of global hiring was so powerful. My husband and I created an international hiring agency to help businesses scale in ways they simply can't by traditional means. It's honestly amazing.  



Anne Lackey's Company Offers a Unique Virtual Solution for Staffing Issues 



But you better have good remote employees, right? That's the big catch. And that's what I've spent nearly a decade perfecting, a process to link U.S. businesses with the best employees in the Filipino job market. It's not easy to get on my shortlist. Only one percent of our Filipino applicants are hired to serve our clients. We are disciplined in our process, and you won't find anyone in this industry with higher standards.  



Check Out Our Hiring Process   



Are you interested in stepping out of your hiring comfort zone and considering all options?  


Beyond that, you're wondering: "So the city girl milked a cow, but is she going to jump in a freezing lake now?"  


Well, meet with me here, and I'll let you know! 


We wave the flag on July 4, but I spend Thanksgiving feeling patriotic, too, because I give thanks for living in the United States, where we have so many freedoms.

This gratitude comes with a counterbalance: action. Be thankful for the freedom to make choices, and then be ready to act and exercise that freedom.

Don't like where you live? Don't feel your friend group is healthy for you? Not finding satisfaction in what you do for a living? You have the right and, I believe, the duty to thrust yourself into action. You can make things better. You just have to recognize your agency to act and allow yourself to make the necessary move. It's worth it!

I've faced many moments when change felt scary, but I knew I needed to reach for something better. I realized I owed myself the effort, even if I failed. There have been some failures and setbacks, but they've been far outweighed by the good I've found in not settling for less.

HireSmart Virtual Employees is a personal case in point. It's daunting to think about creating an international hiring agency. On top of that, how can we be the best at it?

My husband and I had already made multiple businesses work, but this was a new challenge. We saw the opportunity to bring global hiring to small and mid-sized U.S. businesses. The Web is the great equalizer, and outstanding talent is available at a fraction of the cost of local hires.

Looking to increase your bottom line?

But my goodness, there was homework to do. What is the best country for virtual employees? What are the employment laws there? What are the tax implications? What's the best mechanism for assessing talent? How do we handle HR matters with employees so far away?

We made enormous checklists, consulted so many people, and spent so many hours answering every question we could ask ourselves, poking holes in each other's arguments.

10 Questions You Must Ask in Every VE Interview

After exhaustive up-front work, we established a top-notch system of providing U.S. companies with high-quality employees at a low cost, and we're all about getting the hire right the first time.

Want to Get It Right the First Time?

As part of our process, we provide 40 hours of live and pre-recorded sessions to teach industry-specific skills and certify every employee our client selects. We've done this for over eight years for hundreds of businesses and have a high success rate. Of course, if you're in that small percentage where it doesn't work out, we will replace the employee under the guarantee and work with you to get it right. We're committed to you and ensuring your best experience.

Our business is about taking stress away from business owners and managers.

All it takes is recognition that the job market has expanded. You now have options globally. In addition, you have easy access to quality employees abroad through us because we've taken care of the hard stuff.

We save businesses an average of $27,000-to-$33,000 per employee per year. The savings mean owners can scale their operations and take on tasks that were put on the back burner.

If you're looking for greater peace of mind, consider taking action to improve your situation. That's why we're here. We help businesses find success. We'd love to help you, too.

Click to schedule a chat with me at your convenience.

Anyone in my orbit understands that I am “Mrs. Planner.” My husband is “Mr. Planner.” That’s how we roll. It’s not really our surname, but well, it would fit.  

With all we have going on, we must map our days, weeks, and months ahead. We pick paths, and we move on them with purpose.  

That said, I’m fascinated with how other people manage their time. Your hours are precious, right? You want to use them wisely. What strategies do you employ? How do you ensure that you’re genuinely productive while not driving yourself crazy with stress in the process? 

There are many ways to tackle time. Dwight Eisenhower developed the “Eisenhower Matrix,” his four-quadrant matrix, putting tasks into one of four boxes: important and urgent, not important and urgent, important and not urgent, and not important and not urgent.  

Maybe you use the “Pomodoro Technique,” a time-management method based on 25-minute stretches of focused work broken by five-minute breaks. Longer breaks, typically 15-to-30 minutes, are taken after four consecutive work intervals. 

“Mr. Planner” and I run multiple businesses at once. It’s daunting on its surface, but we block our time into manageable chunks and can do what’s needed without pulling our hair out. We live a good, productive life together. And it’s just fun. We love it. 

However, our success wouldn’t be possible without one keyword: “Delegate!” 

Our whole business is an enterprise of successful delegation. We put the oxygen mask on our faces first, figuring out how to get ourselves out of the “crisis mode” of business management, then we thought: “Hey, let’s share this!”  

That’s HireSmart! It’s a venture in pulling other businesses out of the time crunch that’s killing them. We’ve helped hundreds of people breathe easier over the past decade by utilizing the power of successful delegation.  

We set up business owners with highly vetted, quality employees from the Philippines. The cost of living is substantially lower there. This means an hour working remotely for you isn’t nearly as expensive as an hour in your office.  

U.S. businesses can leverage this to their advantage, increasing productivity while saving money and not sacrificing quality. 

We work hard for clients on the front end of the hiring process so they don’t have to face the challenge of looking abroad for good labor in less expensive markets.  

We’ve honed that process over nearly a decade, and we make sure we’re getting the best of the best. And if I wouldn’t hire someone to work directly for me, I won’t approve that person for any of our clients.  

Beyond that, I also want our virtual employees to thrive. They’re good people! If you work with them, you’ll see what I mean. So, we provide each of our clients and their families with health and dental insurance. Through our non-profit (, we also provide a select number of scholarships each year for children on our VEs. None of that comes at the client’s expense.  

Interested to know more about what we do to give back? Check out some of these stories:  

We take great joy in helping our clients solve their time-management troubles and boost their productivity by partnering with sincere, quality employees in the Philippines.  

Here’s a recent quote from Tony Pinochi of Prandi Property Management about his team of virtual employees through HireSmart. 

“They’re all very sweet, very nice, very caring,” said Tony of his virtual staff. “They care about what we think about them. They care about their work product. They are hardworking, smart, and diligent. They want to do good for us all the time. And they do. I absolutely love those girls, and I think they’re all amazing.” 

If you want to consider the power of delegating tasks to a virtual employee or team, please feel free to click this link to schedule a free consultation.

I’d love to talk about how we can help improve your business — and your peace of mind. 

In recent years, a popular term in pop psychology is the "Dunning-Kruger Effect," defined as "a cognitive bias in which people with limited competence in a particular domain overestimate their abilities." 

You've met people like this, right? The "know-it-all" who seems to know nothing at all. Ugh! When you realize you're standing next to this person at a party, you're looking for a polite escape, aren't you? 

Who wants to be that guy or gal? Not me. Not you.  

If you're running a business, you quickly realize that mastery of anything requires a constant forward push and the understanding that there's always more to learn. It's humbling, isn't it? There's no room for the Dunning-Kruger dude blabbing with his misinformed "insight." 

That's why success is rooted in constant sharpening action, not laziness of mind. Where can we improve? What am I missing? What are others doing that we're not? Why are we bogging down in this particular process? 

We must look broadly at every business function and zero in on the specifics. And we need to do that inwardly, too. How can I improve? What will sharpen my thinking? What will make me a better communicator?  

My husband and I are always reading, talking, and assessing our thinking related to our business. Do we understand what we're seeing? We shoot holes in each other's thoughts and achieve what we couldn't alone. We've done this for a quarter of a century as we've run multiple businesses. What's our top conclusion in all that time? It's simple. True success in our endeavors comes when our clients and employees are stronger. We're nothing unless we genuinely help others find something better for themselves. There's no faking it. Life improves for us when life improves for others.  

Money is secondary to success. It's only a byproduct. Success comes when people are functioning at their best. That's our big aim: help people achieve personal growth in a way that betters their lives. 

We've written books to help people improve their lives, providing a roadmap for strategic business thinking and volumes of "tips and tricks." If you haven't read our best-selling book "Multiply Yourself", you can fill out the contact us and ask me to send it, and I will send you a digital copy. 

We also provide our virtual employees with the opportunity for leadership training. I recently worked with a group of our employees who aim to advance their careers, and it was so fun to see the light in their eyes as they learned more.

I'm always interested in hearing from clients about their tips, tricks, and strategies. I've spoken with hundreds of astute business owners over the years and had the opportunity to glean information from them, enriching my perspectives. When you chat with me, you're hearing from someone who has learned from so many others and respects what you have to offer.  

Our business is aimed at helping others reduce labor costs while simultaneously boosting production. As I'm sure you've seen, outsourcing office labor is a widespread trend. We were early to that game, but it's growing as a movement. And yes, I'd love to talk to you about what we can do for you in that way. You can scale your business at a billing rate of $9 an hour per employee through us. We set up our clients with the best virtual employees in the business. There's so much I can share if you want to talk. 

But beyond that, the bigger picture is this: How do you develop your business in a way that enhances your personal development and helps you lead the best life possible? This is my focus, the most important thing in the end. How can each of us be our most productive selves while still loving life and living it to its fullest?  

It comes when we recognize we're all connected and we're best when we learn from each other — the opposite of the Dunning-Kruger mindset. 

If you're interested in a good conversation about that with me, no strings attached, I would love to meet you! Click this link to schedule an appointment. 

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