διακοπές — That's the Greek word for "vacation." And for several years, "vacation" was as unfamiliar to my husband and me as its Greek translation. 


As new business owners, we poured every moment into our entrepreneurial endeavors, forgoing our own paychecks to pay our employees, getting little sleep, and squeezing every little luxury out of our lives to make our businesses fly. 


This comes at a personal cost. 


You can't bring your best self to your work when you're perpetually exhausted, stressed, and spread thin. Your creativity suffers, your decision-making is impaired, and your ability to lead effectively diminishes. 


On the flip side, when you take time to rest, recharge, and gain perspective, you return to your business with renewed energy, fresh ideas, and a clearer sense of purpose. You're better equipped to tackle challenges, seize opportunities, and guide your team. 


But as business owners, unplugging can feel impossible. There's always one more email to answer, one more fire to put out. That's where having the right team and systems in place becomes critical. 


At HireSmart, we've seen firsthand how having skilled, reliable virtual employees (VEs) can be a game-changer for entrepreneurs looking to take real time off. Our VEs are carefully selected, rigorously trained, and deeply committed to our clients' success. 


Anne Lackey's Company Offers a Unique Virtual Solution for Staffing Issues 


They're not just temporary stand-ins but integral team members who can keep operations running smoothly in your absence. Whether handling customer inquiries, managing projects, or keeping your social media presence active, VEs can give you the peace of mind to truly step away. 


But don't just take it from me. Here's what one of our clients, Iliahi, an operations manager at a vacation rental company, had to say: 


"They (the VEs) take a lot of the backend work away from us here on the front line," she said. "It kind of frees us up to be more hands-on here, and since they're on the computer all day, they're able to complete all those administrative tasks for us and free us up for more important things that we need to take care of." 


Imagine being able to take a vacation knowing your business is in capable hands, that essential tasks will get done, and that you won't come back to a mountain of catch-up work. That's the power of having a well-integrated VE team. 


The Costs of a High Turnover Rate 


But it's not just about covering for you while you're away. Having VEs can also help prevent the kind of chronic overwork that makes vacations feel impossible in the first place. You can create a more sustainable workload and rhythm by delegating regularly and strategically to your VE team. 


So, as you look ahead to the summer months, I encourage you to start planning for some real διακοπές — not a "workcation" where you're still tethered to your laptop, but a true break to rest, recharge, and come back to your business with renewed vitality. 


If you need help making that happen, we at HireSmart are here to help. Our VEs can provide the skilled support you need to confidently step away, knowing your business is in good hands. 


HireSmart's Top VE for 2023 Blends Empathy with Expertise 


Click here to schedule a conversation at your convenience. We'd love to learn about your unique needs and craft a plan to help you and your business thrive — no Greek required. 


To your well-deserved διακοπές. 




Anne + The HireSmart Team 



No business can succeed in a bubble. You have to put yourself out there. While some business owners dislike marketing — the "hey, look at us!" aspect — I find it quite fun. It's storytelling. 


What stories do we tell? What purpose do the stories serve? What can we do to help customers improve their narratives, and then how do we tie that back to our storytelling? So let's talk about your story. 


Here are five tips and tricks: 



Beyond Words: Turning Your Company's Core Values into Daily Actions   




HireSmart VE Is Always Available for His Family and Profession 



When Tom Quits, Consider a VE Team Instead 



 "I really give credit for my virtual employees' success directly related to HireSmart going in and giving that one week of HOA training on the front side, prepping them and preparing them for what this world looks like on our side because, for a lot of folks, HOA is very new," said Philessia, a customer care representative for a community association management company, who works with 17 HireSmart virtual employees. "So the fact that you make sure they pass that training before you release them really sets them up for success on our side." 


Don't feel put off by the "hey, look at me" duties in business. Have fun with that task. Start inward and develop your core values. Implement those values in your business and show them in action. Find your unique solution. Then, raise the volume on how that solution works, pulling in testimonials from customers who show why you're unique. 


I'd love to chat if you want to discuss marketing or other business tips or learn more about our certification process and how we ensure our virtual employees are top-notch. Click here to set up a talk at your convenience. 


My husband and I love puzzles. We always have one on a table, and we stop to work a little at a time, making slow progress until the picture is complete. 


It's fun, but it's symbolic, too. That's our life in business. We put puzzles together, and there's such joy in each new link of success, one little piece joining the next. 


It's not work for us. It's play. We're engaged in the imaginative process. If we match these two things together, then hey, it looks like this. Cool! Where's the next piece? Let's keep going. 


We created HireSmart 10 years ago with precisely this mental playfulness. We took long car rides and sat at our "mission control" kitchen table, discussing the business puzzle and how it might take shape. But that required studying one puzzle piece and its peculiar shape, then finding the right match in our big pile of thoughts. We did this day after day for years until a clear, beautiful picture took shape. 


When Planning Clicks, You Know It's Right   


HireSmart functions as a puzzle, too. We study people, and then link matches to create a great picture. We look at each particular shape. What is significant about this office? What makes it unique? What picture does the owner or manager want to see? 


We listen. We assess. We act. 


We bring the matching piece to the office puzzle. It's more important than a game for us, but there's a joyful game element in our work. We don't find any satisfaction in the process unless we feel that click, two right pieces meeting each other. It's fun! 


We discovered that the Philippines is the best hiring ground for virtual office assistance for U.S. businesses seeking quality employees at a reduced cost. 


English is the official business language of the nation. The dollar goes far there. And we encounter so many gracious, thoughtful, and family-oriented people eager for a stable, full-time job, which we provide. 


I spent years perfecting a proprietary "Anne-alytics" process for evaluating potential Filipino employees, and only one percent of applicants are hired to our team. Before onboarding with you, our employees must also pass 40 hours of certification training, where they're educated on your industry, terminology, and job duties. 


Anne Lackey's Company Offers a Unique Virtual Solution for Staffing Issues 


That rigorous evaluation process gives us a successful placement rate of over 98 percent with our clients. Most offices can't boast that 49 of 50 new hires work out, but we provide that to our clients. And if you're the 1 in 50, we will work with you on a suitable replacement. 


What could you accomplish if you hire talented, high-character employees at a bill rate of $9.50 an hour? Could you tackle tasks that aren't being addressed? Could you shift responsibilities away from employees in need of assistance? Could you save on personnel costs and address other business needs? 


We provide these connected puzzle pieces to business owners to help them shape their big picture. 


We also help our Filipino families shape their big picture by providing free health and dental coverage at no cost to clients, along with scholarship opportunities for our employees' children, assistance during hardship, ongoing professional support from our team, and now even retirement benefit options. 


Are you working on your business puzzle? Would you like to click pieces together in a satisfying way? Isn't that fun? 


Hiring is Hard; Here's How We Help 


If you want to sit with us at the puzzle table to make satisfying links in your business picture, click here to set up a chat at your convenience. 


Whether we join a business relationship or simply discuss your strategies without a partnership, I will enjoy it. I love the playfulness of making business better. I'll never tire of that game. I hope you find your fun, too! 




Anne + The HireSmart Team 


Co-Founder – HireSmart Companies 

Direct: 678-389-9929 


Helping Business Owners Find Great Workers – HireSmart Virtual Employees 



Helping Kids – HireSmart Cares in Action 

Thank you to our clients who are creating an impact 



Need to talk? Schedule a time – www.MeetHireSmart.com 


How can we help your business thrive? That's HireSmart's objective. 


Co-CEOs Anne and Mark Lackey offer unique staffing solutions for U.S. companies, but the owners of multiple successful businesses also share entrepreneurial tips so others can succeed, grow, and improve the lives of many people. 


Anne recently offered young professionals advice on "building your personal brand" at a Madison County Chamber of Commerce luncheon at Jackson EMC. 


"You have a personal brand, whether you think you do or don't," she told the group. "And so the question that I want you guys to start thinking about is, 'Does your personal brand reflect who you want it to reflect?'" 


Anne said branding begins with identifying your core values. 


Beyond Words: Turning Your Company's Core Values into Daily Actions   


"What do you stand for? What's important to you? And just as important, what do you stand against?" she asked the audience. 


Anne spoke of HireSmart's "SMARTER" core values, noting that values are the compass for her actions and her staff's. 


"My personal core value is that I leave everybody a little bit are better off than before they met me," she said. 


Anne talked about being available, respectful, and working well as a team. These qualities are essential for creating a personal brand that attracts the right clients, employees, and partners. 


She recalled working in the corporate world, where executives were often inaccessible. 


"I had something I wanted to say, but they were never available," she said. 


So, the HireSmart CEO vowed to be different by being easily accessible. She said entrepreneurs must be eager to meet and help customers solve their problems, and then availability will become a powerful part of their personal brand. 


"I have an open-door policy," she said. That is no joke. If you want to meet with me, go to meetwithanne.com. That's all you need to schedule a virtual meeting with me." 


HireSmart VE Is Always Available for His Family and Profession 


Respect was another focus of Anne's talk. She said there's no room for belittling behavior from anyone when brand building. She said an "intellectual, respectful conversation," even during disagreements, is a necessity, adding that agreement isn't always helpful since "iron sharpens iron," but ideas should be challenged in a respectful way. 


She also discussed ethics and integrity in brand building, adding that the "relationship is more important than the transaction." 


"You have to be able to do business ethically," she said. "And that is a line in the sand I will not cross. I want people to trust me, and I want to be known as a person they can always count on to do the right thing." 


She said being ethical requires a willingness to miss out on short-term gains if necessary. 


"There were times in real estate where I could have made a big commission but felt terrible about the whole ordeal," she said. "And I realized I wasn't going to put somebody in a house or I wasn't going to do something for somebody that I didn't feel was the right thing to do." 


Anne asked audience members to contemplate and discuss their core values, adding that people connect with businesses that genuinely work to improve lives. 


"When you're in marketing, or you're the business owner, and you're trying to establish yourself, you have to stand for something, or you stand for nothing," she said. 


Anne also discussed developing marketing strategies to build a brand identity with target audiences. 


For instance, she talked about creating educational "how-to" videos related to everyday tasks associated with your industry, such as HVAC companies showing people how to replace their air filters. 


Why Company Leaders Should Be In The Business Of Giving Back To Their Communities 


She urged businesses in different industries but with common customers to develop referral partnerships, such as roofing companies and HVAC businesses steering customers to each other.  


Anne emphasized the need to attend networking events regularly to build new contacts, even if it makes you uncomfortable. She urged entrepreneurs to ask for customer testimonials to use in marketing. 


"Testimonials are the best," she said. "But you have to ask them: 'What was it about the experience that you really liked?' Because here's the thing: what you think is important in your business may not be exactly what your customers think. Find out what resonates with them." 


She spoke of business owners determining their target audience and demographics and then identifying which social media platforms their target audience uses. She said it's important to maintain a consistent social media presence, not provide content in clusters and then disappear for months. 


Anne said personal branding is about attention to details, particularly those inside the self — the attitudes, habits, and focus on respectful relationships. 


"Does your brand reflect what you want?" she asked participants. "If it doesn't, you can change it. You start with what's inside here (chest). You start with your core values, your compass." 


I love a brain that can build a world, so I enjoy writers who create a landscape of characters engaged in all sorts of narratives. 


If you’re a business owner, you’re also a world builder, but there’s nothing fictional about it. You’re creating a landscape and a framework for others to shine by applying their skills to various tasks. 


Isn’t this cool? If you started a business, I hope you can pull back on occasion to that 10,000-foot view and look at what you’ve accomplished and what impact your vision has on other people. 


There is No “Box” When Hiring in Today’s World  


As business owners, we sometimes put our focus on the money, right? Am I profitable? What expenses do we need to incur or cut? It can become transactional. But if you can make a business thrive, this is truly the deeper satisfaction — the knowledge that you’ve built a little world where other people find sustenance, purpose, and satisfaction. I don’t think you can be an entrepreneur unless this fact powers you. Do you have a world-building mind? Do you love that world and its inhabitants? 


Make no mistake: world-building is tough. It’s all in the details; you can’t leave anything to luck. Chance is a factor in everything. Good and bad breaks happen. The weather impacts a homebuilder. But quality homes aren’t luckily constructed. Quality businesses aren’t either. 


My husband Mark and I see HireSmart Companies as our world-building endeavor, and we’ve had our good fortunes, lucky breaks, and bad ones. But our success has been about process, not chance. We are hawks about detail. And the first detail is easy to understand but hard to achieve: We better be good at this. “Being good” means our clients and virtual employees must thrive. If we accomplish those two things, helping them shine, then our personal success is a nice byproduct, but it’s secondary to the earlier aims. If it’s not, our priorities are out of order. 


When Planning Clicks, You Know It’s Right   


That means it’s our business to help your world thrive. You oversee a small world of activity. It’s rough at times, I’m sure. 


Of course, quality staffing is one of the most challenging tasks in business building. Employees are the bedrock of a company. You can’t do everything all alone. Good luck if you try, but I feel bad for you because that’s truly heavy lifting. 


I picture a truck full of heavy boxes, and we’re a team with capable arms. “Hey, we’ve got this. Let us move these for you.” That’s what we are in the office world, not the manual labor department. You have boxes; we have arms. 


The Cost Benefits of Hiring VEs are Undeniable     


We find the best talent in the Philippines to move those “office work boxes,” handling an array of tasks for clients that clog schedules for in-office employees and hinder production. But our VEs can be so much more than “box movers.” They are so sharp. They’re talented, and one of the great pleasures of our international world-building business is clients’ delight when they see how wonderful their virtual employees are. People just don’t understand until they see this daily.   


Hiring Staff For Your Condo, HOA or Co-Op? Consider Community Association Virtual Assistants  


Our employees also get 40 hours of certification training before working with clients, so they are educated about their new role before onboarding. 


“Oh boy, I can tell you what, we work with several companies that provide virtual assistants, and HireSmart is hands down the best,” said Philessia Edwards of Goodwin & Company. “When I look at other agencies that don’t have that training up front, they’re a little bit slower at picking up. We are very busy department. We have multiple avenues of contact, and the virtual employees coming from HireSmart, they just pick it up. They are just able to pick it up a lot faster. And they have a better understanding of what it is we do here.” 


If you feel it, then tell me about your world! What have you built? What are you hoping to build? What are your struggles? Yes, we have staffing solutions for you, which I’m happy to detail, but even if you don’t want that, I love a good talk about building the best business world possible, and I’m happy to listen and offer any help I can.  


Click here to set up that talk. It will be my pleasure.  

We naturally fear the unknown, and jumping into global hiring feels like a giant leap. Who is this person I’m hiring on the other end?  


Well, I’ve spent a decade getting to know our Filipino virtual employees. I moved from early anxiety about the “unknown” to a wonderful comfort in the “known” because I’ve discovered many good-hearted, sharp, cordial, caring people in this business.  


There are financial benefits to hiring globally, but until you take the leap, you can’t understand the joy of connecting with people in another culture who, at heart, are so similar. 


Many of our employees are parents who absolutely light up when talking about their kids. I talk to employees who support elderly parents or care for a child with disabilities. I’ve seen a common thread in my interactions: The Filipino culture values tight family connections and community support. I see a mindset of giving back to others, not just focusing on oneself. 


The Philippines is known for its “Bayanihan Spirit.” Bayanihan (pronounced as buy-uh-nee-hun) is a Filipino custom derived from the word “bayan,” which means nation, town, or community. An emphasis on mutual assistance and care serves as a foundation for family and community.  


I’ve seen so much evidence of the “Bayanihan Spirit” in our employees, which always warms my heart.  


See how Shannen supports her stepbrother and his dreams of being a doctor.  


HireSmart Filipino Scholarships: Shannen’s Story 


See how Cristina works to support her parents through medical hardships while also aiming to provide the best possible education for her son.  


HireSmart Filipino Scholarships: Cristina’s Story 


I’m grateful for all my relationships in the Philippines in the past decade. Years ago, I couldn’t have imagined a network of friends and co-workers so many miles away. If you had presented that scenario to me in 2000, I would have considered it absurd.  


But after a decade of daily interaction, it all feels completely natural. A business is essentially a community working together on a common goal, and your company’s community can expand beyond your immediate surroundings.  


The Web offers so many possibilities, and your business can thrive by hiring qualified Filipino employees. The dollar goes much further in the Philippines than in the U.S., so you can pay a flat bill rate of $9.50 an hour and provide your online employees with a quality wage in their market. Our clients save an average of $27,000 to $33,000 annually per employee.  


The Cost Benefits of Hiring Virtually 


HireSmart employees also receive free health and dental benefits at no cost to our clients. We provide educational scholarships to our employees’ children and offer leadership training opportunities so they can advance their education as well. When disaster strikes, we’re there for them.  


HireSmart Cares Typhoon Assistance — Richan’s Story 


But our employees are there for us, too. They constantly make us proud. The “Bayanihan Spirit” is evident in their work ethic and how they interact with clients. They share our core value of service to others. Our clients see it, too.  


Abby Gill, Director of Operations at Plum Property Management, said her team of six HireSmart virtual employees has helped her see things in a brighter way.  


“Collectively, they’re some of the most positive people I’ve ever been in communication with,” she said. “They’re very hardworking, very upbeat, and just go, go, go. They’re always willing to learn something and step in and help. They’ve helped me grow as a leader, and I think they’ve really helped shift our team’s dynamic in the way we look at things. I’ll be in a situation, and when I talk to them, they’ll say something, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, that’s right, I should look at it like that.’”  


Anne Lackey’s Company Offers a Unique Virtual Solution for Staffing Issues 


Tony Pinochi, Maintenance Director for Prandi Property Management, said his five HireSmart employees are thoughtful and dependable.   


“They’re all very sweet, very nice, very caring,” he said. “They care about what we think about them. They care about their work product. They are hardworking, smart, and diligent. They want to do good for us all the time. And they do. I absolutely love those girls, and I think they’re all amazing.”   


We talk about romantic love in February, but I think about love in general, too. I think about matchmaking and connection. I think of relationship building. I value all the connections I’ve made through HireSmart with clients and our employees. My greatest HireSmart joy is connecting our clients and employees in mutually beneficial relationships. Can you understand the power of that? It’s taking this big world and making it smaller and more connected.  


I’d love to answer any questions if you want that for yourself. Click here to set up a chat at your convenience.  




A business can sail to its destination or be a dysfunctional rowboat spinning in circles. It’s up to the business owner to establish a common goal and motivate the team to reach that lighthouse in the distance. 


Here are some obstacles you may face when trying to get your team aligned, followed by some solutions: 




Beyond Words: Turning Your Company’s Core Values into Daily Actions  






There is no “box” when hiring in today’s world  








Tasks You That Can Delegate to Your Virtual Employee   





I’d love to chat if you’re interested in discussing your staffing issues and what solutions are available. Click here to set up a time at your convenience. 




Business is inherently unpredictable, and preparation is the only way to keep things moving in a positive direction.  


Future-proofing, or the ability to foresee and adjust to unforeseen challenges, is a crucial talent in the business sector. 


Nature's fury can strike anytime, leaving communities and businesses grappling with the aftermath.  


And in the business landscape, we face technological disruptions, economic downturns, supply chain disruptions, and sudden employee departures.  


Future-proofing involves anticipating potential challenges and building resilience to deal with their impact. Make improved preparations for disaster part of your 2024 goal setting. 



Here Are 47 Tasks a Virtual Employee Can Handle for You  


Just as wildfire-prone areas develop evacuation plans and fire-resistant infrastructure, your business can adopt strategic approaches for sustainability, even in the face of unexpected events.  


Here are some useful tips to help your business prepare for the unknown.  


Embracing Flexibility 


I don't particularly like change; maybe you don't either.  


But the reality in business is that it must evolve or go extinct.  


You won't beat the forces demanding changes, so put on a smile and join them.  


At HireSmart, we know from experience that embracing change is a cornerstone of future-proofing.  


Invest in Technology and Innovation 


New technology has the power to reshape your industry and disrupt established norms.  


Staying ahead of the curve means you won't get left behind.  


Diversify Strategies 


Dealing with a natural disaster, like a wildfire, requires multiple strategies, from evacuation plans to firefighting efforts.  


Similarly, your business should diversify to reduce dependence on a single revenue stream or market segment, enhancing your ability to withstand unforeseen shocks.  



The Cost Benefits of Hiring Virtually  



Build Strong Partnerships 


Community collaboration plays a significant role in managing any disaster.  


Part of future-proofing your business is forming strategic partnerships with HireSmart, for example, that provide access to resources, expertise, and support during times of uncertainty. 


Invest in Employee Development 


It's your team that you'll need to rely on in an emergency.  


By investing in employee development and fostering a culture of continuous learning, you can be sure that your staff is prepared to handle new challenges and seize emerging opportunities.  


Check Out Our Hiring Process  


Our clients know that HireSmart is their true port in any storm that involves staffing issues.  


When you're ready to make use of the many benefits we offer to our clients, click here for a free consultation. 



Do you know about “Let’s Make a Deal,” with its famous, three-door, “Monty Hall Problem” — named after the game show’s first host, Monty Hall? It put contestants in a simple predicament.

Participants had to pick what was behind door number one, two, or three and then consider staying with their first choice or switching to another door. For example, behind door number one is $500 cash, the second is a wheelbarrow of mud, and the third hides a new car.

Life is no game show, but we’re frequently presented with doors one, two, and three and must pick one. Every day is full of choices. And business success is all about decision-making.

If we know what’s behind door one, do we risk choosing doors two or three for a greater prize?

The common tendency is to stick with what’s familiar. That makes sense, right? Risk is scary when making decisions.

But sometimes, we stubbornly stick with door one, even with solid knowledge that another path has better rewards. We stay because the new door represents a break from our norms. We stay because fear overshadows other factors.

Just remember, fear is never a guiding light.

The employment world has its familiar door number one. It’s the local hire. A business advertises a position and waits for responses from people within a reasonable geographic distance. This method feels right because it’s the norm, and you take your chances, hoping for someone dependable versus someone who flakes out on you. You also pay what the local market dictates.

But this old-time process limits your options because today’s employment world isn’t bound to a commute, an office, or an in-person hire. Thanks to the internet, businesses can divide tasks between “boots on the ground” and “office work from anywhere.”

With some roles, you must have a local person out meeting and greeting, shaking hands, and being a face for your company. You can’t go cheap on that. They’re your “boots on the ground.”

But so many tasks don’t require that. You can get a wide range of office work done by dependable, friendly, highly qualified, well-spoken employees out of the Philippines for a fraction of what you’d pay someone in your local market.

Want to know what’s possible? Click here - https://hiresmartvirtualemployees.com/tasks/

The “Let’s Make a Deal” fact is this: door number three is the virtual hire. It’s the new car. It’s profitability, efficiency, and dependability. Door number three is open and obvious. Some businesses are jumping on that opportunity, recognizing the scalability potential, the cost savings, and the reduction of stress on “boots-on-the-ground” staff, who can offload time-consuming office tasks onto someone who costs a lot less.

For nearly a decade, HireSmart has honed the process of finding the best virtual employees in the Philippines, a nation where English is the business language and employees sound as clear as a local hire.

We have a rigorous screening process. Only one percent of Filipino applicants make it through our testing, interviews, and certification. We only hire the best, and so our successful placement rate is much higher than average. My commitment is if I wouldn’t personally hire someone to work for me, I wouldn’t pass that person along to you.

Door number three is not hidden anymore. It’s the new car of hiring. The virtual employee market is a game-changer for more and more businesses, and we’re veterans in providing top hires in this new environment.

If you’re interested in checking out door number three and what it could mean for you, click https://hiresmart.as.me/Discover to schedule a chat at your convenience.

I think of efficiency like this – 

When I go to cook dinner, I make sure I've read over my recipe a couple of times to know the steps. 

I have all my ingredients prepped and ready to go. 

Before I even turn on a burner, I know the steps I need to take and the procedures. I have my materials, and I'm ready to flow through the process. 

Efficiency doesn't just happen – it comes from having a system and being prepared. 

The cliche holds true in today's fast-paced business world – time is money. 

As a business owner, it's essential to ensure that your team is working efficiently and making the most of their workday.  

When your team is productive, it saves time, boosts morale, and increases your bottom line.  

Let's look at some ways to promote efficiency for your team. 


Set clear goals and expectations 

 Encourage breaks 

Use technology to your advantage 

Prioritize tasks 

Emphasize collaboration 

"Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work." - Vince Lombardi 

Getting your team on the same page creates a synergy leading to unforeseen creative ideas and a more seamless workflow.  

Efficiency is the most elegant form of expression for your business.  

When things are running smoothly, there are no wasted steps, no friction, less tension, and frustration. 


At HireSmart, we're a little obsessive about efficiency, always striving to improve.  

And that's why we can offer our excellent services at a reasonable cost to our clients.  

If you want to work with a staffing company that finds you high-quality and well-trained virtual employees while supporting your business with our battle-tested expertise, click here for a free consultation. 


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