Certification Phase


Congrats! You’ve selected your next team member – now it’s time to get them certified!

It is important that you sign the DocuSign contract and fund the billing reserve for your Virtual Employee. You should receive a link for each of these items via email the day after your interview. Can’t find it? Ask our Customer Service Team.

The Monday following your selection, your VE will go through our one-week certification week. Think of it as an intense working interview. Throughout this week, we will give them a background of your industry and company and mentor them on their soft skills so that we can be confident they will succeed once they make it to you.

Remember, they aren’t your new team member until they pass our certification exam. Our promise to you is that if we wouldn’t hire them for our team, they won’t make it to you. While it may be disappointing and frustrating to go through the interview process again, we want to be sure that you get the right VE for your team before you spend your own time training.

Our certification exam takes place on Friday afternoon. Once we know the results of the exam, you will receive their contact information and certificate. All you need to do is say “Congratulations!” and welcome them to your team. The training week is very intense, so we ask that you give them the weekend to relax and get ready for their new role!

What’s next? Your new Virtual Employee is ready to be fully integrated into your team. Treat them as you would any of your local team members – they want to be a part of your team!


Tips for Success

  1. Communicate Regularly

Set time aside on your calendar to meet with your new team member via Video Chat to train them and answer any questions they may have.

Make an effort to check-in with your Virtual Employees throughout the day. If this doesn’t come naturally to you, set a reminder on your calendar.


  1. Share Your Expectations

Often, when a VE’s performance isn’t up to your standards, it is because expectations have not been communicated effectively – or sometimes, at all… Your VE can’t read your mind. If you aren’t satisfied with their performance, talk to them. Help them understand where they are falling short and what success looks.


  1. Talk to Us

We are here to help! If you are having challenges with your VE, let us know. We have a team member whose primary responsibility is to mentor VEs to help them succeed. The earlier you make us aware of a potential issue, the better chance we have of helping turn it around.  

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