Core Values Examples You Should Use in Your Business

Let us define core values first. Core values are the guiding principles that dictate action and behavior. They support the vision and reflect what a company values. If you are beginning to think about putting your company’s core values on paper, here are some questions to consider: What do you and your company stand for? What do you stand against? What are some guiding principles that are central to the way you do business? This is through determining what core values should you use to your business. Here is another example of a core value from Digital Marketer. 

What are the advantages of establishing core values in your company? It will educate clients and potential clients what your company is all about. Having a set of specific core values can have a competitive advantage. Core values can help you with decision-making.  Core values can help you and your staff determine if you are on the right path. They support your vision and reflect what you real value.

So, what core values should you use to your business or organization? Core values varies from one business to another.  There are many fine values: innovation, excellence, and accountability - to name a few. However, we suggest making a short list of values that can put the workplace stay on track.

Here are some common ones to help you get going.

Commitment. The value of committing and willingness to take responsibility for one’s action. Not every business decision is an easy one. Keeping your commitments when difficult is where businesses are tested. What are you committed to?

Integrity. Knowing and doing what is right is the meaning of integrity. You must demonstrate integrity in all your business conduct including dealing with your staff, clients, suppliers, and treatment of company property.

Learning and Development. The ability to learn and grow as an organization is a powerful thing. Fostering this in your corporate environment allows for growth. However, not everything we learn succeeds immediately. Allowing you and your staff to learn from failures as well as success make for a better organization. Entering into a partnership agreement for employee development can have significant results in staff morale.  For many, the opportunity to be trained and learn new skills, take on additional responsibilities in the organization, in some significant way are all meaningful expectations.  

Excellence. Doing a job with skill and taking pride in that task is what we mean by excellence.  If your staff’s performance is beyond your expectations, recognition for that achievement will result in better staff accomplishments. Service excellence will translate to your clients, vendors, professional partners and will set your company apart from others. Often companies are content to get by and do the minimal required, but for those who strive to do more, they can reap amazing results.

Respect. This means you value people, their point of view, beliefs, and ideas.  Here at HireSmart Virtual Employees, we base our relationships upon trust and respect. We value the unique qualities and capabilities of each team member.

Here are some additional options to consider for core values:

  • Accessibility
  • Accuracy
  • Adaptability
  • Calmness
  • Carefulness
  • Collaboration
  • Directness
  • Innovative
  • Ownership
  • Perseverance
  • Discipline
  • Diligence

The importance of setting your core values would be the foundation of your business’ success. We publish weekly tips on how you can improve your business, tips on how you can collaborate remotely with your virtual employees as well as other motivational stories. Please tune in to our Resources page for more tips like these. 

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