Customer Service Job Description

When hiring help for a customer service job, you’d have to have a clear outline of your customer service job description. This includes the main job tasks and responsibilities, educational and minimum experience requirements, key competencies and systems requirements if the person you are going to hire will be working from home.

It is important to create the job description before hiring a person to set the expectations with the applicant on how they will be evaluated not only during the interview but also during their tenure with the company.

Virtual employee tasks can vary and even for some whose role is customer service as most also perform administrative tasks as well. Thanks to improved technology and faster internet speeds, a variety of tasks can now be done without being physically located in the same office.

What are some of the services that a customer service virtual employee can help you with?

  1. Inbound and outbound calls
  2. Email management/ filtering
  3. Chat support
  4. Calendar management
  5. Managing social media and blogs
  6. File Management
  7. Research
  8. Creating basic reports
  9. Answering support tickets

Keep in mind though that these job descriptions are just a small sample of services a virtual employee can do.

After you’ve identified what your business needs, it is time to post an awesome job post that will attract the top talents in the customer service field. Below is an illustration of a good job post and the main components of what makes it a best practice.

  1. A catchy headline: Just by the headline itself, a prospective employee can already tell if it’s something they want to apply for or not.
  1. General Responsibilities and duties: Be as detailed as you can be and don’t forget to add in the essential task.
  1. Skills set: While anyone may have the determination to learn, technically, anybody who is looking for a job qualifies. But if you don’t have time to train, you need to be specific on what specific skills your staff must have upon starting. This also applies to their knowledge of some software applications.
  1. Hardware or System Requirements: Does your business use a certain software application that can only run at specific internet speed? Do you require video calls every now and then? Do you need some applications to be installed hence, requires a certain system requirement to allow to do so? If your answers are all yes, then it is best to put them in the hardware and system description box. Being an experienced virtual employee is not enough to qualify for the job. As they will be working from home, they need to have the proper facilities so your business will have very minimal interruptions.
  1. Other details: What other information do you feel an applicant might be interested to know?
    • You need to put the schedule as some virtual staff may not be suitable for a graveyard shift or working on weekends.
    • Will it be part-time or does it need a full-time commitment?
    • Do you need your virtual staff to be in a specific location?
    • It is also best to include some application guidelines so they can prepare the information you need before the interview. You can also do pre-selection according to their personality profile, internet speed, communication skills according to their audio files and system requirements.

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