Do You Love a Job Well Done?  


I recently saw a short clip from a famous TV series. A mentor shares advice with a younger person stepping into a leadership role in law enforcement.  


“You show loyalty; they learn loyalty. You show them it’s about the work, it’ll be about the work. You show them it’s about some other kind of game, then that’s the game they’ll play...Comes a day when you have to decide if it’s about you or the work.”  


This quote on leadership rings true for me. I love a job well done, no matter the task. It’s a pleasure to see any duty done with dignity. It’s apparent when you encounter the “respect-the-work” attitude in others, and I reflexively respect the person exhibiting it. Don’t you?  


As business owners, we set the tone. And it’s not about us. It’s about the work. Employees focused on “keeping the boss happy” can become resentful. They can misrepresent the facts to stay in good favor and then fail to maintain self-motivation. Instead, you want employees to experience the simple fulfillment of a job well done. You want them hungry for that self-satisfaction and always looking to improve. 


How do we get there? How do we help our staff feel driven to be their best?  


Here are some tips:  


  • Lead by Example: The first tip is obvious. If you are meticulous and dedicated, your employees will likely emulate this attitude. Display what it means to take pride in your work by showing dedication to quality, even in minor tasks. Celebrate the process as much as the outcome, ensuring your team sees the value you place on diligence and excellence.


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  • Align Roles with Passions: Talk with your employees. Learn their abilities and interests. Align roles and tasks with your employees’ passions and strengths whenever possible. People naturally invest more emotionally in their work when they do what they love. They are more inclined to go the extra mile, not for recognition or reward, but for the internal satisfaction of a job well done. 


  • Provide Autonomy: Set clear expectations, train well, and trust your employees with autonomy. When individuals feel in control of their tasks and decisions, they are more likely to feel pride in their accomplishments. Autonomy signals trust and respect, encouraging employees to match that trust with high-quality work. 


  • Maintain Open Communication: Employees need regular feedback and a chance to share and ask questions. Establish an environment where open and honest communication is the norm. Employees should feel comfortable discussing their work, suggesting improvements, and expressing concerns. When employees know their voice is heard and valued, they are more likely to be engaged and committed to quality. 


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  • Encourage Continuous Learning: A business is a mix of people in different places on the career arc. Always be mindful of this, and try to pair newcomers with knowledgeable mentors where possible, and encourage personal development for all, no matter their place on the career timeline. When employees learn, they grow — not just in skills but also in their capacity to appreciate the intricacies of their work. Support them in expanding their expertise, and they’ll likely apply that new knowledge with vigor and a renewed sense of purpose. 


  • Emphasize Team Spirit: A sense of camaraderie significantly boosts an employee’s investment in their work. The group’s success becomes a personal triumph when employees feel close to others. Foster a team environment where members support one another, share knowledge, and take collective pride in their accomplishments. 


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As a business owner, you can have a tremendous, positive impact on the people you employ. Celebrate the victories. Use setbacks as learning opportunities, not blame sessions.  


As a leader, you determine what the environment will be around you. Keep the focus on the love of a job well done — and that love will spread.  


I’d love to chat if you want to talk more about your team and making it the best it can be. Click here to set up a time that suits your schedule.  



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