Do You Need a Way Out Of Conflict?

In the first moments of pain, we feel anything but gratitude. Instead, we hear other words: “Why me?” “It’s not fair!” “This can’t be!”

I had tongue cancer. Think of those two words together: “tongue” and then “cancer,” a terrible combination. I had “Why me?” screaming in my head. You can understand, right? Feel your tongue in your mouth. Now add that word. Not a fun thought, is it?

I’m now cancer-free, but I lost a portion of my tongue. I’ve dealt with some ongoing physical challenges related to that ordeal.

But it’s Thanksgiving this month, and I’ll be with loved ones and friends. And despite the hardships, I’m grateful for one thing cancer gave me: clarity.

I see value in all its beautiful colors: the value of riding in the car with my husband and holding his hand, and the importance of all the many kindnesses extended to me during a tough time by family, friends, staff, and clients. I appreciate waking in the morning and drawing in a deep breath, orienting myself to the room, and realizing I have another day to move with purpose.

I realize that I don’t need to put things off. I need to grab the moment and make the most of it. I especially need to let those I love hear it overtly and regularly: “I love you.” I appreciate so many little moments, like my loyal Schnauzer, Adrian, dropping his “tough-guy” bark for a leg-shaking belly rub. He’s such a pushover.

I see gratitude as the key to resilience. Hardships and obstacles are part of life. We can’t avoid them. Things go wrong sometimes. But every conflict is like an extremely hard nut to crack open. There’s a shell, and we’re frustrated by it. But if we keep working at it, there’s something nourishing inside.

Here’s the thing: Conflict always holds opportunity. It’s a motivator, a perspective shifter, and a change-maker.

I see a lot of business owners facing a myriad of conflicts. Sometimes, they face personal matters that interfere with their work life, and I’ve counseled many on those sorts of things. Life is hard at times. Truly. I understand.

But often, they’re simply in a position of office overload, and the stress is getting to them. They need to lessen their workload or free up their staff to handle matters that need attention. Pressing issues are on the back burner because there’s too much grunt work.

I enjoy the fact that I can help in these situations. I have a large staff of virtual employees, and they are sharp, dedicated, and dependable. They’re not working for you unless I want them working for me.

I can help stressed-out business owners because I was that person. My husband and I were running a property management business, and it was completely wearing me down. I knew something had to give: either the workload or me. I found an answer — a really good one. I’ve spent the past decade sharing that answer with others.

I can list all sorts of facts about the benefits of working with us. There are many, but I’m honestly not feeling like throwing much of a pitch at you, given what I’ve just discussed. I want you to understand this: If you’re facing conflict and in a pinch, I will listen to you. I care, and I will do what’s in my power to help you. I’m always grateful for that opportunity.

For me, it’s never just about business. It’s about people and relationships. I have the clarity of mind and spirit to know that. I am grateful to have the experience in life to appreciate this.

If you care for a good conversation, I’d love it. You can arrange a time for a chat with me at your convenience at

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