From Feet In The Sand To Boots On The Ground

The sky is a beautiful red and orange over the ocean, and the breeze hits just right — nowhere to be, nothing to do but to drink in the moment of relaxation. I love those “this is it!” moments when the getaway lives up to the months of dreaming. My feet are buried in the cool sand. I’m holding my husband’s hand, looking at Earth’s beauty. 

But then it passes. Back to work, back to business. 

That’s August, right? The sea has leveled the sandcastles. The sun has risen on a new day. Now, it’s time to regroup and refocus. Our relaxation gives way to the to-do and supply lists. We must ensure all is in order as we tackle the next season of life. We go from feet in the sand to boots on the ground. 

Do I have the tools I need? Do I have a budget set? Do I have appropriate help to manage all that must be done? Basically, is there a clear itinerary on my path to success? 

That’s where we shine at HireSmart. We help business owners achieve their financial and quality-of-life aims with virtual employees, who help a rapidly increasing number of small and mid-sized businesses tackle an array of office tasks. If you reach out to us, we’ll ask about your big-picture goals, and we’ll work with you on reaching those targets by implementing a more efficient, lower-cost workflow through the use of quality labor. 

We have a tried-and-true process for evaluating talent from the Philippines. We only hire the best, with just one percent of the applicants making it through the gauntlet of our testing, interviews, and evaluation. 

We find the right, full-time virtual employee so you don’t have to spend your hours hunting for quality help. Looking for quality employees from less expensive labor markets can be intimidating. But that’s our wheelhouse. We search in the Philippines to assess and certify every candidate for our clients and ensure all HR considerations are handled professionally. 

We’re the best in the business, with over a 97-percent successful placement rate. We’re proud of our process, our employees, and the difference we’ve made for hundreds of clients over many years of service. We’re excited about all the businesses we’ll help in years to come. 

As you trade your flip-flops for office shoes, consider the hourly rate needed for your next in-office hire, then change that to $9 an hour. What new options would you have if you got the same or better production for that dollar figure? 

Maybe you could tuck a little something away for that next feet-in-the-sand getaway, right? If you want to chat about making that happen, click here for a free consultation. 

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