Heard of Bad Experiences with Virtual Employees?

One of the most repeated problems people that have attempted the use of virtual employees is they had to re-train each one. Virtual Employees (VEs) are available part-time, full time and some companies have a group of staff VEs where you can buy a certain number on hours per month.

In the last category, we have a friend who coined the phrase “$100 per month plan”. She has a set number of hours, five, for the access to a virtual employee, but unfortunately, it never seems to be the same one. The service has an office suite full of staff, and you got the next one in rotation. Basically, it is a call center with a revolving staff and revolving assignment.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of consistency from one VE to the next, our friend developed a negative view of using virtual employees based on her experience because each month she spent a lot of time with the new staff training them as to what her work requirements were.

While you may need some help to do a project or one time task, the staff you get from Staffing Options/Hire Smarter Solutions is a dedicated virtual employee. They work for you exclusively, so when you train them to do your tasks, they can do them over and over. No starting out new with a new person each time. They learn your anticipated needs without having to start over each time.

Your dedicated staff works the hours you want and during those hours are available for all your tasks. It doesn’t matter what time zone you are in – when you hire, you agree to a set schedule. We have found this to be the most productive and best use of VEs as it helps the small business owner scale their business while providing the support that they want and need.

Interested in finding out more? Take a minute to fill out this form and we will provide you with some options that meet your requirements.

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