HireSmart VE Is Always Available for His Family and Profession

"Being available" holds great weight in Anthony "Tony" Gamboa's life. 


The father wants to be available daily for his 1-year-old son, Noah, as his wife teaches away from home. And his stay-at-home job with HireSmart Virtual Employees means he can always be present for his baby boy. 


"I grew up in a broken family; I did not grow up with my parents, and I missed them being around, and I think I longed for that," he said. "So now I always make sure that I am here with my family." 


Tony, a virtual administrative employee for a community association management agency in Indiana, applies the same "being available" mentality to his professional life.  


"That transferred to this role," he said. "I am just here and willing to help you with anything." 


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The HireSmart VE previously worked with large U.S. telecommunications businesses in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. He then worked as an online recruiter before taking a job with HireSmart.  


Tony felt the 40-hour certification process with HireSmart before onboarding with his client "was very important!" He learned terminology and practices related to the community association management industry.  


"I really learned a lot," he said.  


Tony said he likes the security of knowing that HireSmart works with its employees to find other virtual employment if a client doesn't renew a contract.  


"Most Filipinos like me really want to get a job like this, but it's a very saturated line of work already," he said. "So it's really hard to find a client directly. So, I would prefer to be in an agency that assures me that I won't be just floating around doing nothing and earning nothing if something happens. I have a family to support." 


The relatively new virtual employee, who started with HireSmart in June 2023, quickly made a positive impression on his client, who said his commitment to "being available" makes a big difference for the company.  


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"Always asking if anyone needs help," the client said about Tony. "Building great relationships with the team. Tony embodies all of these (HireSmart's) core values. He is a hard worker, always available, kind, a great team player, and cares about others. We are so happy to have him as part of our team!" 


Tony urges other HireSmart VEs to treat availability proactively, moving quickly to handle assigned tasks and then inquiring about additional ways to help. He said he looks for his client's backlog of tasks and seeks to help them "zero out those backlogs." 


Tony said this is a way to build trust and establish reliability.  


"Just maintain that open and transparent communication," he said. "Perhaps there's something they have on their end that they could delegate to you. I would say being proactive is very important. That lets them know this person is available to help and contribute to the team." 


HireSmart works diligently to link employees like Tony to U.S. clients. We invest in our clients and VEs. 


Our successful placement rate tops 96 percent, tops in the business. We provide our virtual employees free health and dental coverage at no cost to the clients. We are awarding 25 VEs scholarships this year for their children's education. Our employees also have access to a leadership training course taught by CEO Anne Lackey.  


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Meanwhile, our clients save an average of $27,000-to-$33,000 per year per employee when they work with us.  


If you want to learn more about boosting your team's production while cutting costs, click here to set up a free consultation at your convenience. 


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