HireSmart Virtual Employees Launches Non-Profit to Support the Next Generation of Skilled Workers

The non-profit organization hopes to equip deserving young entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed through youth programs and scholarships

HireSmart Cares, a non-profit organization built by Anne and Mark Lackey of HireSmart Virtual Employees, has launched to invest in the next generation. The organization is dedicated to inspiring and equipping young children in the US and abroad with fearlessness and ingenuity to help them rise to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Founded in 2021, the non-profit began by investing in the local agricultural community to attract more youth to farming. The organization has made a significant financial commitment to the local agricultural center to provide students with opportunities to learn about farming and livestock care and receive education from agricultural instructors and farmers. HireSmart Cares also focuses on trade education, such as welding, carpentry, and electrical training, to offer students an alternative to an educational field that often involves overwhelming student loans.

Founder Anne Lackey said, “Mark and I have been actively involved in youth entrepreneurship and business planning since the early 2000s. We have always enjoyed helping young people get the start they need, and HireSmart Cares was the next step to make that happen.”

In addition to local and other US-based educational opportunities, HireSmart Cares has established an annual scholarship for the children or dependents of their Philippines-based Virtual Employees (VEs). The organization offers a program for their VEs to receive scholarship money to send their children to higher-quality schools than they can currently afford. Also, all VE orders placed with HireSmart Virtual Employees will generate a $100 donation (called CareDollars) to HireSmart Cares. Anne and Mark personally match every donation of Care Dollars.

“We know that too many young people lack mentors and resources to succeed and support their dreams,” said Anne. “We want to provide that support. We hope that HireSmart Cares can do that and more.”

To date most of the money has been self-funded by the Lackeys. HireSmart Cares has received about $30,000 in contributions and a commitment for another $204,000 starting this May. The team hopes to see that number rise with more help from donors and the support of their valued clients as they continue to grow.


About HireSmart Cares

Established in 2021, HireSmart Cares aims to equip the youth of today with the tools and technology needed to solve the problems of tomorrow. Every dollar donated provides scholarships, loan-free career pathways, and support for future farmers, electricians, HVAC technicians, and more.

To donate and help kids today, visit here.





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