HireSmart's 'Top Newbie VE' is an Integral Part of Property Management HR Team 

Precious "Anne" Escorel earned the "Top Newbie VE" Award at the HireSmart Virtual Employees 2023 Christmas Party.  


The award goes to the top VE who has been with HireSmart for six months or less and stands out for their exceptional skills, dedication, and ability to make a significant impact in a relatively short span of time. 


"I didn't believe it at first; it felt surreal," said Anne about winning the award. "It was really an honor and a privilege because I know there are more than 700 VEs (with HireSmart). And I know that there are a lot of deserving and talented VEs in the company who are working very hard to serve their clients." 


Anne serves in the human resources department for a U.S. property management firm. Her HR role has evolved from administrative tasks to more complex responsibilities, showcasing the trust and support she has garnered from her client. 


"We continually hear from all of our team how great Anne is at her job, how she always provides a timely response, and how wonderful she is to work with," said her client. "Anne understands how important she is to our team and always brings her best to every team meeting. All of our HR team has been able to develop the best relationship with her, even thousands of miles away." 


The client said Anne "embodies every aspect" of HireSmart's core values, that she "always goes above and beyond in any task that she is completing," and that she is "amazing at auditing and tracking." 


"This has been so helpful when we need to review documents," the client said. "She also has been able to assist with the interview and hiring process with such ease. She helps create relationships with others while showing support." 


Anne, a mother of two sons — Tom, 12, and James, 10 — previously worked with a property management firm without the support of a hiring agency like HireSmart. 


"I would say that working for a virtual agency is much better for me because of what I experienced working directly for a client when it comes to the payroll aspects," she said. "It's awkward for me to follow up (on pay). It's very different working for a virtual agency. You don't have to do anything. You just have to make sure that you log in on time, log out and make sure that your timesheets are perfect." 


Anne, an avid reader who particularly enjoys Jane Austen novels, said HireSmart is the best agency in the industry for several reasons. 


"When I speak to Shannen (with VE support) when I tell her about challenges, she doesn't just take note of it; she provides advice and recommends some tips as well," she said. "You really feel that the people with HireSmart will back you up. They won't let you down or just leave you if you're struggling. So that's what I appreciate most about HireSmart, the overall support." 


Anne also says HireSmart provides better pay and benefits than other virtual agencies. VEs are provided with free health and dental insurance at no cost to the clients. 


She says she works with wonderful clients, too. 


"They (the clients) really appreciate someone asking for feedback," she said. "And they are very accepting of feedback. And that's part of my values as well, because I believe a person wouldn't grow if you wouldn't be open to feedback. I very much appreciate that they do believe and trust my skills. They're also very supportive. They are always responsive." 


Anne, who earned a new laptop computer with the award, advises new VEs to communicate with their clients and be self-motivated to learn. 


"If you don't know something or if you have a question, don't be afraid to ask," she said. "At the same time, you also have to invest in yourself. You don't always have to rely on someone for support because if you can do it, or if you can self study, watch some videos of other VEs, or read some blogs, that is going to be helpful and set you up for success." 


If you're interested in learning more about bringing HireSmart's virtual employees onto your team, click here to schedule a free consultation at your convenience. 


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