Hiring is Hard

Have you ever hired someone and wished you hadn’t their second day on the job?

Allowed a non-performing staff member to continue way past their effectiveness date, just because you didn’t want to face letting them go?

Hired a friend or relative because you knew them and thought they would care, but later found out, they were ripping you off?

Have you had a revolving door of people because you couldn’t find consistent talent that wanted to do a repetitive job?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

As business owners, we know we can’t effectively do all the work ourselves and have any true scale. We need people and systems to leverage so we can enjoy our work, provide better service, and have a life.

Yet, hiring the right person can be challenging. We are great at what we do, but very few business owners are good at hiring and managing people. We aren’t taught how to hire people, and so we just “wing it.”

At HireSmart Virtual Employees, we are in the staffing business. We help clients find global talent from the Philippines by doing all the heavy lifting for them. We provide excellent staff for a fraction of the price of local employees.

My husband and I own and operate several businesses. One of which is a property management firm. I have worked in staffing and HR for most of my career and have always been great at building good teams that work well.

I was shocked when several years ago an employee of 4 years quit via a text message while we were on our first vacation in 7 years. It was devastating. Looking back, it was the best thing to ever happen to me. But at the time, it was pure chaos.

It was frustrating trying to rebuild my team. We had been overstaffed in the past, and with the new laws and regulations, payroll was continuing the escalate. I wanted to do something different. When we were introduced to hiring and using global staffing, I put my HR skills to work and figured out how to hire talent in the Philippines for a fraction of the cost.

In the beginning, trying to figure out the technology, how to pay my virtual worker without incurring payroll costs, and how to integrate them took me a while. Then there were the cultural differences. But what I learned, was I could create a hiring system that allowed me to get it right 95% of the time.

When a friend asked me to help her with her staffing needs, it was an easy task. She still has those initial placements working in her business today. They have become integral and valuable parts of her team.

Fast forward and today, we have hundreds of placements. Happy clients who enjoy the benefits of our virtual professionals.

Here is what a few of them are saying:

“I think we are finally getting all of the Virtual Employees settled in their roles and feel like we have a good team. We have been really happy with the results so far and are very grateful for the service that you provide.” D.R. – Property Management Firm in Utah has 8 Virtual Employees

“Thank you for reaching out. Hazel has been doing great here with us. We love using your service." S.B. – Property Management Firm in CA has 1 Virtual Employee

“I have been very satisfied with how quickly April and Hazel have caught on. Kat and Allan have been wonderful as well and very flexible with policy and procedure changes!” R.H. – Property Management Firm in NC has 4 Virtual Employees

We invest a lot of time and analytics into our hiring process to get these results. We use testing and application tests just like the Fortune 500 companies do, but we have adapted them for cultural differences as well as the various roles.

For example, not all customer service roles are exactly the same. The best person to answer your leasing calls isn’t typically the best person to handle maintenance and vice versa. We work as consultants for our clients to help them understand their needs and then work to find the best match specifically for them.

We work with our clients to establish clear expectations and prepare them and their virtual professionals with ongoing training, HR assistance when needed, and to be a sounding board when challenges come up.

The HireSmart Virtual Employees’ difference is the amount of time and effort we put into every hire, so you don’t have to. We provide you with a complete solution for your hiring needs. Whether accounting, leasing, maintenance, back-office administration for insurance audits, lease renewals, or other routine paperwork, we can help you find the perfect match.

Want to know more? Sign up for a free consultation call.

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