How Can We Break the Circle of Negativity?

I often think about the old mantra, "It's better to give than to receive," because it conflicts with something deep in us. We're naturally self-centered. To a certain extent, we have to be. We must survive, which requires securing enough resources for ourselves and our families. That's a lot of pressure, right? 


But the grind of self-sustenance can blind us to others' experiences. While I've found success in life, I was on the other side of the equation in my youth, struggling financially and locked in survival mode.  


This can be very isolating and lonely. It hurts me when kids face loneliness and hardship. It hurts my husband, too.  


That's why we're drawn to any effort in society to counter that heavy weight on kids, giving them a boost for a better future. Yes, there's a lot to get depressed about in the news. The world is scary. But I take heart when witnessing efforts to improve life for the next generation.  


Mark and I want to avoid being bystanders to such work. That's why we launched HireSmart Cares. We are passionate about " leaving the world better than we found it" by helping youth help themselves. 


A call to action: HireSmart Cares aims to help youth realize their potential    


But enough about me. I suspect you have a similar mindset if you've read this far. If you're not inclined to believe that old mantra about giving and receiving, you've probably ditched this article by now.  


So, what gets to you? What pulls at your heart? What do you see when you drive alone and look at your community through your windshield? Do you feel overwhelmed by some of your bleakest observations?  


We're so bombarded with negativity about the world that our giving can feel futile. What good will it do? This cynicism is understandable, given the scale of our problems. But hopelessness is a contagion. This mindset spreads, causing nothing to be done and further solidifying the cynicism, a circle of negativity.  


So let me clear up one thing: You matter!  


Your effect on this world matters. Every little act you do to help another person matters! You don't have to give money. Time is as valuable as anything. Volunteerism is gold.  


Yes, you're reading an article by a businesswoman who promotes a service. We're good at it, and I'd love to speak with you about how effective we are in helping businesses like yours thrive.  


But my sales pitch isn't about money. It's about spirit: Please don't give in to the pervasive "what's the point?" cynicism. Recognize that you matter in this world, and you can spread positivity through simple acts.  


The more you act with that mindset, the more good things happen. Just as cynicism has a circular effect, so does kindness and giving. Both spirits come back to us when we project them into the world. We have a choice in our actions: positive energy or negative. We just have to be smart in our giving and specific in our purpose.  


Targeted Philanthropy Is Good Business: Tips for Making a Positive Difference 


I'd love to hear what you're doing to help your community or your ideas for making a difference. We run a nonprofit alongside our for-profit business, so if you're interested in what we've learned, I'd love to share our insights. I'd be so pleased to hear your discoveries, too. Click here to set up a chat that suits your schedule.  


If you take only one thought from this article, I want it to be this: You matter! Now, go help someone else recognize that they do too.  




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