How to Choose Your Virtual Employee

Don’t Try Hire a Virtual Employee Without Reading This First

We are serious. Don’t try hire a Virtual Employee without reading this first…

With the growing numbers of available Virtual Employees (VEs) in the market, you can now easily say goodbye to the tasks that eat up most of your time because you can finally assign them to an individual who can work remotely and still deliver results.

Aside from the below average operational cost in hiring a Virtual Employee, the Philippines have a huge talent pool to find the best candidate for your position.

However, not all Virtual Employees have the same personalities and skills that you need so we have outlined 5 criteria to help you choose the right Virtual Employee for you.

1. Attitude
You will have the opportunity to interview your Virtual Employee so you can assess if the Virtual Employee has the right “attitude” and “mindset” that would help you grow your business. Based on his/her answers, does this virtual employee share the same passion with you when it comes to nurturing your company? If the answer is yes, then he/she might be a good candidate for you. If no, then there is no reason for you to waste additional time interviewing that person.

2. Skill set
Does this person possess the skills that you need in order to assist you with your daily tasks or does he/she needs more time to learn them? As we have previously discussed, you need someone who can readily do the things that you need to be done on a daily basis – so choose a Virtual Employee with the most skill set that you need to lessen the training time.

3. Experience
This is what most clients look for in a Virtual Employee – if they already have experience working from home and working the graveyard shift (which is daytime in the US). It is important to determine how long the Virtual Employee has been doing this type of work from home. While there are many competent & skilled people, it takes the right mindset and discipline to work from home. This is something that we evaluate heavily. In addition to the basic skills of the job, this is something to keep in mind. Remember, there will always be learning curves as your Virtual Employee learns your business but you should not be paying for him/her to learn new skills unless they are unique to you and your business.

4. Availability, Flexibility & Technology
Is this Virtual Employee available to start work immediately? Is he or she okay with working graveyard shifts? Having a Virtual Employee who has made the investment in their technology, internet access, computer, back-up power, etc. is a huge advantage. Assuming you want someone for a career and not just a job, these things make the difference. One of the things we do at is vet the Virtual Employee and determine their readiness to work. This saves our clients a lot of wasted time and energy.

5. Tech Savvy
Nowadays, there are new and promising software that you can use to nurture your business and your Virtual Employee should be up for the challenge of navigating through those software or programs. Being able to keep pace with the basic office software is a requirement for an effective Virtual Employee. They should have the basic software already set up and be ready to work. If there is specific software knowledge that you need, make sure that you have that as part of your job description.

We hope that you have found these 5 things useful and that you will be better prepared to hire your Virtual Employee. If you are looking for some help and the easy button – feel free to connect with us.

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