How to Clean Up the Sour Notes and Truly Shine

Who runs this show? 


I enter every business with that question in mind. Sometimes, I want to shake that person's hand and congratulate them on their remarkable organizational skills. 


But sometimes, I'm struck by all the bad notes, like an orchestra with failing instruments or untrained members. The place is off-key, disjointed. I wish for a good heart-to-heart with the person overseeing a troubled environment. 


Don't Let the Good Ones Get Away  


But keeping your business in tune is tough, much like conducting an orchestra. Every section, from strings to percussion, has a vital role, and the conductor must ensure they all come together in harmony to please the audience. 


So here are some "conductor's steps" to clean up the bad notes and ensure customer satisfaction: 


  • Create the Right Atmosphere for Your Customer: Just as a conductor considers the acoustic nuances of a concert hall to enhance the listener's experience, a business leader must create an inviting and engaging environment for customers. What does the customer feel upon hearing the first note in your performance? Ride through that journey with them and contemplate every moment through their eyes and ears. That also involves implementing methods to gather and analyze customer feedback.


  • Put yourself in the Musicians' Shoes: A conductor must express what needs to be played, then listen to each musician to see if that interpretation is understood. The same is true for managers and employees. This means stepping into their shoes to appreciate their daily experiences, challenges, and needs. You can provide better support, guidance, and resources by understanding the intricacies of each role. 


There is No "Box" When Hiring in Today's World 


  • Encourage Top Solo Performances: Just as a soloist's performance is a highlight in a concert, you should let the brilliant shine and feel inspired on your team. Make sure to reward those who meet clear performance criteria for excelling. Showcasing talents not only motivates your team members but also adds value to your business, creating memorable experiences for your customers when they interact with the best of your business.


  • Harmonize Your Team's Efforts: A successful symphony is a blend of different sounds. And in business, multiple departments must work in sync for a common customer effect. Make sure your departments communicate regularly through team meetings and collaborative projects. A business leader must align sales, marketing, customer service, and all other departments to play their parts in unison.


At HireSmart, we help business owners bring their organizations in greater harmony by providing quality new "musicians" into their ensembles at bargain rates. 


Our Filipino virtual office employees must pass a rigorous qualification process to join your team. Only one percent of our applicants make the grade, and due to our vigorous pre-placement scrutiny, we have the top successful placement rate in the business at over 96 percent. 


Ready for Fun? Here's How to Prepare Your Business 


It's simple. We have a streamlined, rigorous hiring process. This means we weed through the ones who aren't a fit, those who don't have what it takes to perform for our clients.  


Once we've chosen three candidates who we believe match your needs, you interview them, and then you decide on the best match. 


After that, the potential hire must complete a 40-hour certification process before onboarding with you. They'll learn about your industry and what's expected in the new role. 


Our certification process is our key to success. It allows us to ensure new employees have the necessary skills and talent to serve our clients. We have live trainers, including myself, so we can quickly evaluate their skills. We track our success and adapt as needed. 


We work diligently to ensure that the "musician" joining your symphony knows how to play the expected instrument professionally. 


The Cost Benefits of Hiring VEs are Undeniable  


After onboarding, we're there to help you and your VE stay in tune. 


When someone looks at your business and asks, "Who runs this show?" we want them to seek you out to shake your hand on a job well done. 


We help business owners multiply such handshakes, and we'd love to shake your hand on that partnership. 


Click here if you're interested in a get-to-know-you session where we can answer any of your questions and give you more details about the process. 



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