You have made it to the Interview Phase!

By now, our Customer Service Team has reached out to you to get you scheduled for your interviews. We only hold Client Interviews on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. It is important that the direct manager, along with anyone else who may be working closely with your new VE, attend the interview.

What should you do to prepare for your interviews?

  1. Review Resumes Ahead of Time

Our Customer Service Team will send your resumes to you via email the day before your scheduled interviews. Our Recruiting Team is constantly interviewing candidates. We want to ensure that we present the best candidates to you, so your candidates may change slightly the closer your interview gets.

Even if you don’t love any of the candidates we present to you on paper, we ask that still give them a chance in the interview to show you why they would be the perfect fit for your team.

Remember that the candidates we present to you may not have the exact skills and experience that you would look for in a U.S. team member. They have what we call “Transferrable Skills,” meaning they have what it takes to do the job as long as you teach them the process. Try to think about what it was like when you were brand new to the industry and where you are now. With a great team supporting them, your new VE will be a pro in no time.

  1. Talk With Your Current Team

Make sure everyone is just as excited as you are about hiring for this role. Help your team understand that bringing on a new team member isn’t going to replace them – it is only going to make them more productive!

  1. Have Your Questions Ready

Know what you plan to ask each candidate. Remember, you should ask the same questions in the same way to each candidate, so you easily compare at the end. Not sure what to ask? Check out our Sample Interview Questions Here (LINK).

  1. Relax

You may be nervous to interview and that’s okay! We can almost guarantee you that the candidates are way more nervous than you are. Take deep breathes – it will help settle your nerves and will make the candidates feel more at ease.


Candidates have put in nearly 5-6 hours of their own time in various assessments and multiple rounds of interviews with our Recruiting Team. Client interviews should take between 15-20 minutes per candidate.

We’ve already assessed their skills, technology, and their ability to work from home – all you need to do is pick the one that you like! Even if you love the first candidate that you interview, please continue with your interview. Our candidates spend a lot of time, energy, and effort preparing for interviews. And who knows? You may love Candidate #3 even more than you loved Candidate #1. Trust the process!

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