Is fear holding you back from big gains?

Do you know about “Let’s Make a Deal,” with its famous, three-door, “Monty Hall Problem” — named after the game show’s first host, Monty Hall? It put contestants in a simple predicament.

Participants had to pick what was behind door number one, two, or three and then consider staying with their first choice or switching to another door. For example, behind door number one is $500 cash, the second is a wheelbarrow of mud, and the third hides a new car.

Life is no game show, but we’re frequently presented with doors one, two, and three and must pick one. Every day is full of choices. And business success is all about decision-making.

If we know what’s behind door one, do we risk choosing doors two or three for a greater prize?

The common tendency is to stick with what’s familiar. That makes sense, right? Risk is scary when making decisions.

But sometimes, we stubbornly stick with door one, even with solid knowledge that another path has better rewards. We stay because the new door represents a break from our norms. We stay because fear overshadows other factors.

Just remember, fear is never a guiding light.

The employment world has its familiar door number one. It’s the local hire. A business advertises a position and waits for responses from people within a reasonable geographic distance. This method feels right because it’s the norm, and you take your chances, hoping for someone dependable versus someone who flakes out on you. You also pay what the local market dictates.

But this old-time process limits your options because today’s employment world isn’t bound to a commute, an office, or an in-person hire. Thanks to the internet, businesses can divide tasks between “boots on the ground” and “office work from anywhere.”

With some roles, you must have a local person out meeting and greeting, shaking hands, and being a face for your company. You can’t go cheap on that. They’re your “boots on the ground.”

But so many tasks don’t require that. You can get a wide range of office work done by dependable, friendly, highly qualified, well-spoken employees out of the Philippines for a fraction of what you’d pay someone in your local market.

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The “Let’s Make a Deal” fact is this: door number three is the virtual hire. It’s the new car. It’s profitability, efficiency, and dependability. Door number three is open and obvious. Some businesses are jumping on that opportunity, recognizing the scalability potential, the cost savings, and the reduction of stress on “boots-on-the-ground” staff, who can offload time-consuming office tasks onto someone who costs a lot less.

For nearly a decade, HireSmart has honed the process of finding the best virtual employees in the Philippines, a nation where English is the business language and employees sound as clear as a local hire.

We have a rigorous screening process. Only one percent of Filipino applicants make it through our testing, interviews, and certification. We only hire the best, and so our successful placement rate is much higher than average. My commitment is if I wouldn’t personally hire someone to work for me, I wouldn’t pass that person along to you.

Door number three is not hidden anymore. It’s the new car of hiring. The virtual employee market is a game-changer for more and more businesses, and we’re veterans in providing top hires in this new environment.

If you’re interested in checking out door number three and what it could mean for you, click to schedule a chat at your convenience.

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