Is Your Business as Sharp as You Want?

In recent years, a popular term in pop psychology is the "Dunning-Kruger Effect," defined as "a cognitive bias in which people with limited competence in a particular domain overestimate their abilities." 

You've met people like this, right? The "know-it-all" who seems to know nothing at all. Ugh! When you realize you're standing next to this person at a party, you're looking for a polite escape, aren't you? 

Who wants to be that guy or gal? Not me. Not you.  

If you're running a business, you quickly realize that mastery of anything requires a constant forward push and the understanding that there's always more to learn. It's humbling, isn't it? There's no room for the Dunning-Kruger dude blabbing with his misinformed "insight." 

That's why success is rooted in constant sharpening action, not laziness of mind. Where can we improve? What am I missing? What are others doing that we're not? Why are we bogging down in this particular process? 

We must look broadly at every business function and zero in on the specifics. And we need to do that inwardly, too. How can I improve? What will sharpen my thinking? What will make me a better communicator?  

My husband and I are always reading, talking, and assessing our thinking related to our business. Do we understand what we're seeing? We shoot holes in each other's thoughts and achieve what we couldn't alone. We've done this for a quarter of a century as we've run multiple businesses. What's our top conclusion in all that time? It's simple. True success in our endeavors comes when our clients and employees are stronger. We're nothing unless we genuinely help others find something better for themselves. There's no faking it. Life improves for us when life improves for others.  

Money is secondary to success. It's only a byproduct. Success comes when people are functioning at their best. That's our big aim: help people achieve personal growth in a way that betters their lives. 

We've written books to help people improve their lives, providing a roadmap for strategic business thinking and volumes of "tips and tricks." If you haven't read our best-selling book "Multiply Yourself", you can fill out the contact us and ask me to send it, and I will send you a digital copy. 

We also provide our virtual employees with the opportunity for leadership training. I recently worked with a group of our employees who aim to advance their careers, and it was so fun to see the light in their eyes as they learned more.

I'm always interested in hearing from clients about their tips, tricks, and strategies. I've spoken with hundreds of astute business owners over the years and had the opportunity to glean information from them, enriching my perspectives. When you chat with me, you're hearing from someone who has learned from so many others and respects what you have to offer.  

Our business is aimed at helping others reduce labor costs while simultaneously boosting production. As I'm sure you've seen, outsourcing office labor is a widespread trend. We were early to that game, but it's growing as a movement. And yes, I'd love to talk to you about what we can do for you in that way. You can scale your business at a billing rate of $9 an hour per employee through us. We set up our clients with the best virtual employees in the business. There's so much I can share if you want to talk. 

But beyond that, the bigger picture is this: How do you develop your business in a way that enhances your personal development and helps you lead the best life possible? This is my focus, the most important thing in the end. How can each of us be our most productive selves while still loving life and living it to its fullest?  

It comes when we recognize we're all connected and we're best when we learn from each other — the opposite of the Dunning-Kruger mindset. 

If you're interested in a good conversation about that with me, no strings attached, I would love to meet you! Click this link to schedule an appointment. 

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