Is Your Business Puzzle Missing a Key Piece?

My husband and I love puzzles. We always have one on a table, and we stop to work a little at a time, making slow progress until the picture is complete. 


It's fun, but it's symbolic, too. That's our life in business. We put puzzles together, and there's such joy in each new link of success, one little piece joining the next. 


It's not work for us. It's play. We're engaged in the imaginative process. If we match these two things together, then hey, it looks like this. Cool! Where's the next piece? Let's keep going. 


We created HireSmart 10 years ago with precisely this mental playfulness. We took long car rides and sat at our "mission control" kitchen table, discussing the business puzzle and how it might take shape. But that required studying one puzzle piece and its peculiar shape, then finding the right match in our big pile of thoughts. We did this day after day for years until a clear, beautiful picture took shape. 


When Planning Clicks, You Know It's Right   


HireSmart functions as a puzzle, too. We study people, and then link matches to create a great picture. We look at each particular shape. What is significant about this office? What makes it unique? What picture does the owner or manager want to see? 


We listen. We assess. We act. 


We bring the matching piece to the office puzzle. It's more important than a game for us, but there's a joyful game element in our work. We don't find any satisfaction in the process unless we feel that click, two right pieces meeting each other. It's fun! 


We discovered that the Philippines is the best hiring ground for virtual office assistance for U.S. businesses seeking quality employees at a reduced cost. 


English is the official business language of the nation. The dollar goes far there. And we encounter so many gracious, thoughtful, and family-oriented people eager for a stable, full-time job, which we provide. 


I spent years perfecting a proprietary "Anne-alytics" process for evaluating potential Filipino employees, and only one percent of applicants are hired to our team. Before onboarding with you, our employees must also pass 40 hours of certification training, where they're educated on your industry, terminology, and job duties. 


Anne Lackey's Company Offers a Unique Virtual Solution for Staffing Issues 


That rigorous evaluation process gives us a successful placement rate of over 98 percent with our clients. Most offices can't boast that 49 of 50 new hires work out, but we provide that to our clients. And if you're the 1 in 50, we will work with you on a suitable replacement. 


What could you accomplish if you hire talented, high-character employees at a bill rate of $9.50 an hour? Could you tackle tasks that aren't being addressed? Could you shift responsibilities away from employees in need of assistance? Could you save on personnel costs and address other business needs? 


We provide these connected puzzle pieces to business owners to help them shape their big picture. 


We also help our Filipino families shape their big picture by providing free health and dental coverage at no cost to clients, along with scholarship opportunities for our employees' children, assistance during hardship, ongoing professional support from our team, and now even retirement benefit options. 


Are you working on your business puzzle? Would you like to click pieces together in a satisfying way? Isn't that fun? 


Hiring is Hard; Here's How We Help 


If you want to sit with us at the puzzle table to make satisfying links in your business picture, click here to set up a chat at your convenience. 


Whether we join a business relationship or simply discuss your strategies without a partnership, I will enjoy it. I love the playfulness of making business better. I'll never tire of that game. I hope you find your fun, too! 




Anne + The HireSmart Team 


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