It's Assessment Season; Is Your Business Making The Grade?

I look over my cool-weather attire every August. I sure love this coat, but I'm not so sure about this sweater now. Maybe I'll shed some items. Maybe I'll shop for a few more.  

August is a time when we assess our seasonal wardrobe. But we also consider how we're going to tackle our tasks. Teachers have their lesson plans made. Parents purchase school supplies for their kids and ensure carpool plans are in order. Businesses seek to ramp up their revenue stream as the hustle-and-bustle economy of fall follows the lull of summer.  

I love quality clothes, and though I'm not a fashion designer or tailor, I like the idea of helping a business suit up for its future. How can we help a company function in a sharp and sleek way? How can we do this on a budget? I find this challenge to be among life's greatest enjoyments, taking an active part in assisting a business to find more success.  

When our clients succeed and smile, it's just pure joy. It's the aim of our business — helping other businesses thrive. And we've been wildly successful for nearly a decade in doing just that at HireSmart. We've seen so many smiles, and we work every day to earn more of those satisfied reactions.  

Maybe you're thinking about this transitional moment on the calendar. You're looking at your inventories, perhaps thinking about improving your internal and external communications or your methods of documentation and paperwork. You're considering what can be automated and what can't. You're thinking about workflow efficiencies. There are so many facets of business management that you can't comprehend until you run a business.  

That overwhelmed feeling is more of a natural state than an exception, right?  

Well, we are in the business of easing that burden. We've done it hundreds of times. It's our specialty. Regarding your company's staffing needs, we want you covered like your warm, well-loved coat, not exposed to harsh elements.  

It starts simply. Think of three tasks you need to be done, which could improve how you or your staff operate and increase your efficiency if offloaded.  

We can find a quality person to handle those duties and do it for $9 an hour. We're confident in this because we've done the same for hundreds of businesses over the years and have a very high placement success rate, the best in the business. We hire from the Philippines, where English is the business language, and we ensure all HR aspects are handled professionally and follow U.S. and Filipino laws.  

Our time-proven screening process ensures that we hire only the top one percent of applicants, guaranteeing you access to the best talent available. These professionals can handle a wide range of office tasks, allowing you to streamline your workflow and focus on what truly matters – growing your business.  

You won't have to spend countless hours searching for qualified candidates, and you'll save thousands per year, which gives you the financial flexibility to invest in other areas.  

As you think about dressing your business for the months ahead, consider what outsourcing quality labor from a cheaper market can do for your bottom line.  

Let us know if you want to hear more and chat about it.   

Now, wait, these ear muffs are just…OK, out with the old, in with the new. A little more shopping to do. 

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