Looking for a Deeper Kind of Fun in Your Work Life?


We tend to think of “fun” as the quick dopamine jolt of joy, a side-splitting laugh, or a toe-tapping tune. 


But there are more profound types of “fun,” which aren’t so fleeting. It’s “fun” to see incremental progress in learning an instrument, to lose yourself in a long novel, or to restore something old and make it new. 


I view our professions as mental craftwork infused with many long-form fun possibilities if we know how to look. 


Think about the next level of “fun,” that more profound thing. The challenges you overcome, the skills you acquire, and the milestones you reach provide a sense of achievement that quick-hit pleasures can’t match — the fun of growth and personal development. 


A call to action: HireSmart Cares aims to help youth realize their potential   


Think of the“fun” in building relationships and contributing to something larger than oneself. This joy takes time and effort to develop and is about the journey, the shared experiences, and the bonds you build. 


My world, my business, my passion — it’s about creating this sort of “fun.” How do I help generate it? How do I help spread that joy? 


It starts with helping my clients feel empowered. Work can be so hard, right? When we’re overwhelmed, it shows up in our bodies with issues like chronic fatigue, headaches, muscle tension, and stomach problems. We get irritable with others. We’re tense and unable to pull our minds from constant job-related stresses. This is no fun! And it’s not healthy. 


Would You Like to Help Your Staff Improve and Succeed? 


The whole point of my business is to flip that script for others. I meet daily with business owners and managers on workload management plans. How can we shift time-consuming tasks off their plates at a low cost in a quality way? How can we transform stress into fun? That’s it. That’s my work. 


I connect stressed business people with highly vetted, smart, thoughtful Filipino virtual employees, and I watch clients’ pressures ease and their smiles return. 


Burnout: Why it Happens and How to Reduce It 


And it’s fun! I love hearing from clients who feel a heavy weight lifted and find more free time to pursue what they consider fun. 


“I could walk away and go on vacation, and I know our business is in great hands with Brenda and Abby,” said our client Colleen about her two HireSmart virtual employees. “And Abby is communicating with all of our clients; our clients are communicating with Abby. It’s beautiful. It’s wonderful. It’s perfect. And Brenda is just one of those incredible people that’s just amazing. I think we just hit the pot of gold.” 


What’s The Cure For the Work-Life Migraine? 


I also have a blast working with our virtual employees to improve their lives. We provide our VEs free health and dental care at no cost to the clients. We provide educational scholarships to the children of our VEs. We have their backs in times of need, such as offering financial support to the families of 31 employees affected by Typhoon Rai.  


HireSmart Cares Typhoon Assistance — Richan’s story 


We provide our VEs with a 40-hour “certification” course before onboarding with our clients. This boosts the employees’ confidence and helps our clients enjoy a smooth onboarding process since our VEs are educated on terminology and industry practices before joining their teams. 


Let’s chat if you’re interested in bringing some fun into your office by efficiently allocating tasks at a low cost, which leads to significant stress reduction. This conversation is my version of fun. Truly.  


Whether we partner in business or not, I’ll enjoy hearing about your office outlook and talking with you about various efficiency possibilities. We’re a business success management agency. And our success only happens when we help others succeed. That’s goal number one. 


Click here to set up a talk at your convenience, and while I can’t promise a toe-tapping tune, let’s share a laugh or two. Let’s have some fun! 



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