What’s The Cure For the Work-Life Migraine?

Your job isn’t supposed to be a two-for-one deal, is it?   

You were hired to do X, but your work is increasingly an alphabet soup of responsibility. The job has one salary, but it feels like there should be a second paycheck for all the demands that prevent you from tackling job number one. 

Maybe you’ve silenced the email notification “ding” because you know that inbox is a bell chiming all day, signaling it’s time for your attention to be grabbed and transported to the next person’s demand. 

This is the noise of work life. We set goals for a day or a week, but we must defend those priorities against the clanging sounds of everyone seeking our time. It’s a cacophonous symphony, and we just want enough silence to focus on a task.  

You’re not alone. The “digital overload” is real. Workplace studies show that employees and employers are treading water in a sea of notifications, beeps buzzes, and vibrations. One job constantly morphs into a second one — that digital business is pulling focus away from your goal. 

According to The Wall Street Journal, a Microsoft study found that the average employee spent 57% of their time communicating with office software — in meetings, email, and chats. The remainder of the time, 43%, is used for creating things, such as building spreadsheets or writing presentations. Microsoft researchers found that its top 25 percent of users spent an average of 8.8 hours a week reading and writing emails and 7.5 hours logging meetings.   

“People feel quite overwhelmed, a sense of feeling like they have two jobs, the job they were hired to do, but then they have this other job of communicating, coordinating, and collaborating,” said Jared Spataro, who leads Microsoft’s modern work team and who spearheaded the research. 

At HireSmart, our focus is helping you establish a work life that suits your life. None of us function our best when pulled in too many directions. Our productivity slips when we’re tripped up by routine tasks that could be handled by someone else, and our stress increases when we’re held back from what’s important by matters of far less significance. Can you relate? 

We offer a satisfying “Nope!” to all that. Our job is to help you shed those weights and focus on what you need done, not what others need you to do.  

Want to know the 47 Tasks a Virtual Employee can do for you? You can download it. 

You can hire highly qualified virtual staff from the Philippines at a fraction of the cost of an in-office hire. Those workers can handle a wide range of daily tasks so you can focus on what’s important each workday.   

Language is not a barrier. English is the business language of the Philippines, and we screen for only the best candidates, putting all applicants through vigorous testing, interviews, and training before they ever meet you. Only one percent of applicants make our cut. We do this work, so you don’t have to. Our process is time-tested. We’ve been at this for over eight years, and we have a success rate of 93.4% percent successful placement rate, the best in the business. The average success rate for a new hire is 66.7%. I will take my rate over the average any day. 

“When we go through the interview process with you, you get me really good candidates, and don’t waste my time,” said Lori, a real estate executive who contracts with HireSmart for six virtual employees. “The people you’ve sent me have just had great work ethics, and they’re good-hearted people. I don’t have any issues with anything, and they’re supportive of each other. It’s a strong team. And it wouldn’t be strong if I had one weak link. But they’re all strong.” 

Our virtual employees save clients an average of $27,000 per year/per worker compared to an in-office hire. This allows clients to scale their business while also eliminating overhead costs.  

And yes, that daily digital mayhem on your phone, iPad, laptop, or desktop can be largely offloaded onto others who can handle time-consuming tasks that distract you from your bigger goals.  

Please don’t let your job be a two-for-one deal. But you know what? If you hire with us, you may find yourself getting a two-for-one or even three-for-one deal by switching from an in-office hire to a qualified virtual employee. And that leverage offers loads of possibilities. It’s something to think about.  

If you’re interested in chatting with me about how you can escape the digital overload, click this link to schedule a free consultation with me. I’d love to hear about your job and work together to get you in a happy place. It’s what I do.  

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