Management Tools to Help Remote Workers

I wanted to provide a short list of valuable tools to help with your remote staff. I have categorized them into a function so that you quickly review and pick those that you like.

Videos for Training

Camtasia –

This is the Boss for video editing. It is a paid program, but it is worth it. It can do screen capture as well as full-blown video editing. This is the software that I personally use.

Loom -

I haven’t used it personally, but it has come recommended to me by others.

Screencast -

This is a fairly inexpensive option.

Organization / File Sharing

Dropbox –

Organizes files so that remote workers can access documents. With the Pro version, you can share files, set permissions and expire access after a period of time. We personally put company training documents here so that all team members can access and update items as necessary

Google Drive

If you like to use GSuite, this is a great way to integrate your files with remote workers.

Project Management

Asana -

Free for small teams and limited data to track. Has a mobile app as well as a web version.

Trello -

Free and a fun way to keep track of to-do lists by using cards. Has a mobile app as well as a web version.

Process Street -

This is a robust tool that may be more than some people need. Can get costly for large teams.

Time Tracking Software

While you will find that I am not a fan of time tracking software overall, there are times that it is helpful and necessary.

Time Doctor -

This is our preferred method. It allows us as well as our clients to get screenshots of the work that is being done at random intervals.

Hubstaff –

I have had clients who were already using this method, but I have never used it.

We hope you find these tools helpful and if you would like to know more about hiring your own virtual employee, feel free to reach out to me!

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