My Grandmother Couldn't Type

A few months ago, I was having dinner with my aunt & uncle, and they shared a compelling story with me about my Grandmother Mamie.

As with a lot of our grandparents in my generation, they had hard lives. From being born in the depression era to several wars, they learned to make due, adapt, and innovate.

Being the parents of three children, my grandparents lived in an efficient 3 bedroom / 1 bath home that completely served their needs. Can you imagine sharing a bath with your kids in today’s time? No, thank you. And yet, it was perfectly acceptable.

They had air conditioning in their bedroom through a window unit. I remember on hot summer days; I would sneak into their room to cool off. I never thought anything about it growing up.

But, that small room with the air conditioning was a multipurpose room. It was where my Grandmother worked and helped to support her family.

You see, I never knew that my Grandmother worked for an insurance company from home. She would assess fire damage, write up the reports & submit them to the office. She was a top producer in the company working at home with 3 kids. She was an original remote team member when there was minimal technology. She had a desk and a landline and a small air-conditioned room.

How was she a top producer? She outsourced. It turns out my Grandmother couldn’t type. She was determined not to let that stop her, so she hired a typist. She would do the forms/ analysis and then submit them to the typist. She was able to do twice as much. She focused on what she was good at and had others do what she wasn’t. This enabled her to be the top producer.

It’s funny to me that 5 years after starting HireSmart, this was shared with me. You see, HireSmart is all about helping our clients do more of what they are fantastic at while letting our virtual employees be the most productive and best in the business.

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