Need More Time? Productivity Hacks

Ever wish you were more productive…

Having trouble completing the to-do list?

We all know that there are times when we really could use a spare pair of hands. At, we know your time is one thing that is super precious.  We found 3 tasks that suck the productivity out of your day.

Use these productivity hacks to re-engineer daily habits and become more efficient and more profitable.

Managing your Inbox –

Did you know, the average office worker spends 2.6 hours a day reading and answering emails? This was based on findings from a McKinsey Global Institute report.

To cut this back, rather than set up set filters or time blocks, why not have your dedicated full-time Virtual Employees manage your inbox?  Of the hundreds of email messages, we get each day most ask the same 7-10 questions that can be easily answered with cut-and-paste responses.

There are some that require a tailored response from you, but because your Virtual Employee can answer all but a few emails without you having to see, read or touch the keyboard this produces on average an extra 2 hours a day for us.

Once our Virtual Employee was trained on the responses to go out, and how to summarize those few emails that required our personal response, we found we only needed to see a handful of the daily emails, saving us hours each day. What could you do with another 10 hours? Are you ready for help? Click to see if these 7 reasons to hire a virtual employee fit you.

Multitasking –

Multitasking seems to impair our mental performance according to Stanford Researchers.  While you may think you are getting more done, typically it works in the reverse. We have found that by focusing our undivided attention on something – we experience a better output and we are able to complete the job quicker.

We also have determined those tasks that truly require our attention – relationship building, sales & customer relationships, This is where the use of a dedicated full-time Virtual Employee allows us to get twice as much done.

Starting each day before we tackle the big projects we provide the daily work list for our Virtual Employees to accomplish. Using this process, allows our VEs and us to focus on the big projects first, and then fill in the ongoing tasks that are on each of our calendars.  At the end of the day, the Virtual Employees provide a Close of Business (COB) Report that allows us to plan the next day’s work.

Overcome Distractions –

‘Open office space has been the buzz lately but can be counterproductive when there are interruptions and socializing going on.  Having a Remote Virtual Employee means not having someone to walk into an office and interrupt the flow of your or your coworkers' flow.

Having scheduled ‘Morning kickoffs’ and the ‘COB Report’ with your Virtual Employee stops unplanned interruptions.  Additionally, unlike a social employee around the office, your remote Virtual Employee is not interrupting other staff, allowing the office to be most productive. You can get 3 magic questions to ask your virtual employee here.

Want to be more productive, gain hours in the day, and up the output with a full-time Virtual Employee? Learn more at to get your productivity back.

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