Not all Staffing Companies are Equal

Meet my granddaughter Aria. She and I had a fun time this Christmas decorating gingerbread men. Sadly I didn’t get a full picture of her masterpiece as it is challenging just getting a picture together.

One of the amazing things about 2-year-olds is that they think their creations are masterpieces. They work very hard to get it the way they want it, and they see it exactly as they want to see it. From their perspective, it is perfect.

As an adult, we see the creations for what they are – a work in progress and a step toward learning motor skills and concepts. We know that the next year we will have better results because she has grown and improved her motor skills, improved her eye/hand coordination, and she is able to sit longer than the year before.

She will have learned from her experiences and be able to apply those experiences for an even better outcome as she grows older and becomes more experienced.

Now you may be asking yourself, what in the world does this have to do with Virtual Employees and hiring staff. You see there are a lot of virtual staffing companies out there to choose from. Many of them are a lot like Aria – not mature in the business, some have never even owned a business, some are like Aria, just starting out. They haven’t learned enough because they haven’t experienced enough of the issues and drama.

At HireSmart Virtual Employeees, we have the depth of experience not only in owning and running multiple businesses over 15+ years but having placed staff for hundreds of clients. We have learned from over 8000 applicants what will and won’t be successful in a wide variety of roles.  Our “gingerbread” VEs certainly aren’t perfect, we are always learning and growing, but we have a proven system with results to back it up.

Don’t take our word for it. Here are some of our clients who share their results and how their lives were improved because of having us as a staffing partner in their business.

Courtney shares this about her Virtual Employee:

“She has taken such a huge workload off Carly, and her day-to-day tasks that we can pass off in automation. We've given her stuff that I never even thought we would be able to give somebody that is in another country. We give it to her, and she does it perfectly, and with ease. She just does it.”

Kent talks about his:

“For us, it was a game-changer. We'd hit the point where I could not grow anymore because I have to sleep at some point and the business was getting that busy. But it wasn't big enough that I could really justify a full boot on the ground fully loaded employee cost at Atlanta rates. It just wasn't there. This was the solution. And Karla has been with me a little over two years. She is awesome. I hope she's with me another 15.”

Are you ready to find out if hiring a virtual employee is right for you? Let’s chat. Click and you can book a time to speak with me.

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