Placement Agencies Are Like Talent Scouts

Whether you’re a fan or not, sports are a huge part of life around the world.

With the World Cup happening a little over a month ago & the Super Bowl coming soon, it’s impossible to miss the spectacle, the outrageous costumes, the national pride from sport lovers everywhere.

My favorite sport is business, so that’s what takes up most of my time and attention.

But, I like the cultural aspects of athletic sports, the scandals, the back stories, the intersection of sports, marketing and money, athletes as role models, and all that kind of stuff.

I came across an interesting radio broadcast the other day about how many international players are now in the NBA.

It used to be one or two in the whole league and now there are players from almost every continent.

Basically, it started when a couple scouts realized that the US isn’t the only country that plays basketball.

I mean, we all watch the Olympics and know there are other countries that play, but no one took the other international basketball leagues seriously.

Until these scouts decided they were going to look for talent in places where other scouts weren’t looking.

And that’s the connection to HireSmart Virtual Employees and the way we give our clients a competitive advantage.

Sure, you’ll find great employees in your local area who can work with you in person, if you’re willing to pay competitive wages, offer great benefits, maybe pay an expensive placement agency to find them, or have the patience and time to conduct the search yourself.

That’s the “business-as-usual” approach for small companies.

But, before going that route, let’s consider a couple things.

Are the only available assistants, bookkeepers, customer service reps, data entry, graphic designers – in the US?

Aren’t there other pools of talent – great, motivated, highly skilled and trained employees in other countries looking for work?

Doesn’t it make sense to consider all your options before following the business-as-usual path?

Those scouts who had that vision, who had the ability to think creatively about finding talent, they gave their teams a serious competitive advantage.

Guess what? Now every team has international scouts.

Another consideration: International players have lower salary expectations than US players.

HireSmart Virtual Employees are just as qualified, dedicated, skilled and trained as their US counterparts.

They deliver the same work product at a highly significant discounted labor cost.

If you believe in creative solutions to business challenges, we’ll make sure you get a competitive advantage. Click here for a free consultation.


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