You are in the recruiting phase! This typically takes between 7-10 days from when you place your order.


During this time, we are:

  • Writing and Placing Your Advertisements
  • Receiving and Reviewing Applications
  • Testing Applicants for Basic Skills Assessment
  • Have a Virtual Coffee Session with You to Explain Everything You Need to Know
  • Performing a Screening Interview for English Speaking Skills
  • Reviewing Applicants' Home Office & Technology
  • Performing Personality Assessments with our Proprietary PH Adapted Model
  • Performing Initial Assessment Interview
  • Performing Final Evaluation Interviews
  • Collecting Writing Samples and other Assessments for Final Placement
  • Final Assessment from Anne & Julia for best fit

Now is the best time for you to prepare for the arrival of your new team member. Here are some things you should be thinking about –

  1. Technology

If your new VE is going to be making phone calls, make sure that your provider has a desktop app that your VE can download directly onto their computer. Remember, we do not allow VEs to download apps onto their personal mobile devices, so start thinking about some alternatives.

Would your new VE work more effectively with two monitors or other equipment? Let us know now, so we can make sure your selected VE is set up for success on their first day.

  1. Expectations for the role

Think about why you decided to hire for this role. What tasks and responsibilities are you expecting this person to manage? What is your goal for this position?

Have you set aside time on your calendar to spend with your new VE? By having regularly scheduled, uninterrupted time with you, your new team member will feel confident in the requirements of the role and ask questions. Make sure that during this time, you effectively communicate what success in this position looks like to you.

  1. Prepare your in-house team

Make sure that the people who will be working most closely with this new team member are excited for the arrival of a new team member! Anyone who will be working directly with your new VE should plan to attend the interviews so they can have an active role in deciding who will be joining your team!

During this phase, candidates are going through multiple rounds of interviews with our team. On average, they spend between 5-6 hours of their own time in interviews and completing our assessments. We want to be sure that only the best and most committed candidates are presented to you!

Keep in mind that before you can move onto the next phase – the Interview Phase – you must attend a Virtual Coffee with Anne Lackey, Co-Founder, or Julia Roberts, Operations Manager. If you haven’t scheduled your Virtual Coffee yet, please do so by clicking here.

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