Recruitment Process

If done correctly, the recruitment process can be brutal. Looking at hundreds of emails, and resumes, and separating the qualified from the non-qualified. Here at Hire Smart Virtual Employees, we consistently measure what we believed are the 5 most valuable characteristics of a virtual employee - character, motivation, experience, knowledge, and capability.

We spend a lot of time reviewing the candidates’ knowledge and soft skills before they ever get to a client’s interview. To get you in the loop on how we manage to select the outstanding candidates differently and successfully hire competitive virtual employees, here are the simple yet proven steps of our unique recruitment process:

1. Application Screening

Like most recruitment stages, this is the first stage of the recruitment process where we receive their application, along with their updated resume, cover letter, and basic responses to hypothetical questions prepared from the application guidelines linked from where they’ve found our job post. This will then help us gauge their ability to follow basic instructions and will also allow us to have a glimpse of their basic technical skills, necessary experiences, and their compliance to meet the primary requirements such as computer specifications, internet speed, backup tools, and other equipment needed to proceed to the next stage of their application.

2. Initial Interview

After a thorough review of the candidate's background - once qualified - we will then conduct an initial video interview. Amongst all application stages, their first live interview is the most crucial as this will help us determine the level of communication skills, environment condition, quality of their equipment such as webcam, headset (which requires a noise cancellation feature), actual internet speed, etc. Furthermore, this will, of course, help us gauge their motivation, employment, and personal backgrounds, and measure their knowledge and proficiency in the field they wished to join.

3. Final Interview

Once the candidate has been qualified, a final interview will take place. This will give a secondary filtering stage where I will personally interact with them to help better understand their level of interest by providing consistent professional responses and appropriate answers regarding their practices, expectations, and level of exposure to the position they have applied for and determine whether they're fit or not or if they can be considered for another position available. Part of the final interview also involves important verbal acknowledgment of agreements such as work schedules, salary rate, house rules compliance, and other essential agreements which will soon thereafter be followed with written agreements once passed.

4. Client Interview

This process will allow our clients to choose which virtual employee would match their qualifications and requirements by personally conducting a live interview with the chosen candidates. If you need further guidelines on how to choose the right Virtual Employees for your business, you can find great tips and strategies from our previous topics about 7 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Employee and 10 Questions You Must Ask in every Virtual Employee Interview to guide you making the correct decision when picking your best associate.

5. Selecting

As we give value to our candidates, it goes the same with the value we provide to our clients. This recruitment stage gives you the opportunity to choose your best qualified VE amongst all candidates that you think can be a great asset to your business needs.

6. Training and Preparations

We always want to make sure that you'll get the most out of this opportunity and we give importance not only to the actual recruitment process but of course to your business and how crucial it is to hire the right one. To ensure that all qualified and hired candidates are ready, we will then establish a special training program designed and created by us specifically focusing on their hired position that will last for a week. Their training course will be utilized to prepare them with essential knowledge, basic functions, and the important information they need. Some of the basic topics involved with this program are the overview of Real Estate and Property Management, duties and responsibilities, understanding all types of agreements, manual CMA calculations, etc.

7. Exams

To test their level of understanding, each VE is required to take a series of quizzes and exams each training day after every topic has been completed. This process will complete and certify their employment as an official Virtual Employee once the ideal passing score or percentage has been successfully achieved at the end of the entire training course.

8. Contract Signing

Finally, we all give our successful candidates a pat on the back through agreements and contract signing to let them know they are officially hired. This process would require them to finish all the necessary documents and files to complete their new employment relationship.

We always thrive to emphasize the advantage of hiring candidates through us as we have proven many visible results when choosing the right candidates in comparison to having the talents to wait for months before they can get employed. We do things differently than others and we know how great it works because both our clients and VEs have testified their commitments and achievements through the help of this process.

If you want to know more about our process, feel free to book a free appointment with me today!

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