Respectful Ways To Discipline Employees

It’s quite unfortunate to see how great-performing employees can potentially decrease their level of work rate and overall productivity overtime which impacts the entire operation. Some of these repercussions are commonly drawn from various reasons that might affect the employees’ performance relating to personal issues, resulting to lack of motivation, or environmental influences which can be observed through their behavior, attendance, and accomplishments.

Should you require to take further actions to prevent this from happening, here are some quick tips that can help you deliver a fair notice to your employee.

Initial Guidance

In most cases, counseling is the first recommended action to be considered when reaching to their attention. By knowing your employee’s insights and responses from your observation, it provides moderate understanding about performance or any issues that are not always immediately obvious to the supervisor. Whether he or she is covering up any personal or work-related challenges, counseling often resolves common minor difficulties of an employee.

Verbal Warning

Should there be any reoccurrence of the same issue affecting their performance in general given that you have provided mutual advice to resolve the issue, verbally reprimanding the employee for poor performance and efficiency is mandatory. Tell the employee that you will document the next steps in the progressive discipline process when both of you have agreed of his or her inability to improve despite repeated advice or warnings.

Disciplinary Action

Provide disciplinary actions by arranging a formal written warning signed by you and the employee in an effort to improve his or her performance. Continue progressive discipline as long as you believe the employee is accomplishing equal efforts to bring his performance on track. If it turns out negatively, provide suspension in an escalating number of days by starting with one day off, escalate to three up until five. Advise your employee that during this process, termination can result at any point after several suspensions.

Both startups and large businesses should know the essence of these discipline examples. It helps both your employees, the work environment, and most especially your business to keep in good shape and motivated.

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