The Office Work Pace: Who's Lagging, Who's Leading?

Think of a 180-degree dial, like a speedometer. On one extreme is a person performing a repetitive, mindless task while on autopilot, completely disengaged day after day. They desperately need a new challenge. 


On the other extreme, a person can hardly sleep because their mind won't shut off. They're engaged in complex, strategic thought on a myriad of issues. They need help managing their impossible workload. 


Where are you on this dial? Where are your employees? 


Nobody has fun at either extreme — whether "checked out" or "stressed out." Each person needs to be at a challenging yet manageable engagement speed. Nothing gets done at 0 mph. Crashes are common at 180 mph. 


It's necessary to assess your entire team in this way. Are they appropriately engaged? What can you do to rev up those who aren't at the right pace and bring your potential stressed-out burnouts down to a safer speed? 


When Tom Quits, Consider a VE Team Instead 


Employees are all different, so they can't be managed identically. Here are some tips on moving the dial toward the right for those not appropriately engaged, followed by tips on relieving your workhorses of some stress. 


For the disengaged: 


  • Reassess Their Potential: Is this person worth investing your time and energy? Are they prepared to up their game and don't know precisely how, or are they content to flounder for a paycheck? Don't throw your limited energies into people who demonstrate they want to ride along and not contribute. It's not worth it. Let them find somewhere else to ride. Instead, invest efforts in guiding those who are motivated but lacking direction.


  • Have You Properly Communicated Expectations? Have employees tell you what they believe they should do, how they perform the functions, and why the role is essential. Can the employee articulate each of these things? If not, they don't fully understand their job. Make sure you contemplate an employee's headspace and what you want them to understand and prioritize. Articulate that, put it in writing, and verify that they can recite it back to you. 


The Web is the Great Equalizer 


  • Create a Cross-Functional Strategy: Consider allocating a percentage of employee hours to cross-training. Sharing different perspectives leads to more innovative strategies. It also helps you build redundancy in case of sudden absences, offers employees a greater perspective on company functions, gives them more variety in their shifts, and puts fresh eyes on potentially stagnant processes.


  • Set Performance-Based Incentives: Employees who go above and beyond expectations need rewards. Otherwise, you create an environment where performance doesn't matter. Set expectations for each position and establish a "next level" reward. If you meet this clear "bonus" benchmark, here's what you'll get. The more quality incentives you implement in your pay structure, the more motivation your employees will have to rise beyond acceptable to exceptional performance.


For the stressed workhorses: 


  • Begin with Gratitude: It's easy to ride along with workhorses carrying the load and forget that they're sweating to get everything done. Make sure they understand your thankfulness for their efforts. Don't take them for granted. They can always leave. Show them gratitude verbally and financially.


Don't Let the Good Ones Get Away  


  • Inquire How They're Doing: Plan regular check-ins regarding their personal well-being. Do they need anything? What can you do to help them feel better in general? They may not let you know if they're struggling unless you ask. Be empathetic and let them understand that you want to be helpful if they need it.


  • Bring More Efficiency to their Workload: What tasks are weighing them down that can be offloaded onto other employees? What can you do to let them breathe easier while maintaining high productivity? Do you have current staffers who can take on some additional roles?


That last point is where HireSmart Virtual Employees steps in. Most business owners are hyper-focused on efficiency, and their employees are generally stretched thin and unable to take on many new tasks. It's hard to shift duties from one person to another because many offices are maxed out, and hiring new employees locally may be too costly. 


We provide another option. What if you can hire dedicated, thoughtful, and skilled office employees from abroad at a fraction of the cost of a local hire? Our bill rate is $9.50 per hour per employee. 


For that, you get someone with a skillset specifically matched to your office needs. We don't have employees already lined up in some queue. No, we talk with you about what you need. We then search for the specific person in the Philippines with the appropriate capabilities and personality to fit into your office culture and workflow. 


Sheryl Shares How Insurance Through HireSmart Made a Difference 


Your virtual employee gets free health and dental insurance through HireSmart at no cost to you. Meanwhile, you get more quality hours at a low to help your workhorses focus on what they do best while reducing the chances they'll get burnt out and bolt somewhere else. 


If you want to get your office in a better place on the workflow speedometer, we're here for you. 


Click here to meet with us at a time that suits your schedule. 



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