It Doesn't Have To Be That Way

We wave the flag on July 4, but I spend Thanksgiving feeling patriotic, too, because I give thanks for living in the United States, where we have so many freedoms.

This gratitude comes with a counterbalance: action. Be thankful for the freedom to make choices, and then be ready to act and exercise that freedom.

Don't like where you live? Don't feel your friend group is healthy for you? Not finding satisfaction in what you do for a living? You have the right and, I believe, the duty to thrust yourself into action. You can make things better. You just have to recognize your agency to act and allow yourself to make the necessary move. It's worth it!

I've faced many moments when change felt scary, but I knew I needed to reach for something better. I realized I owed myself the effort, even if I failed. There have been some failures and setbacks, but they've been far outweighed by the good I've found in not settling for less.

HireSmart Virtual Employees is a personal case in point. It's daunting to think about creating an international hiring agency. On top of that, how can we be the best at it?

My husband and I had already made multiple businesses work, but this was a new challenge. We saw the opportunity to bring global hiring to small and mid-sized U.S. businesses. The Web is the great equalizer, and outstanding talent is available at a fraction of the cost of local hires.

Looking to increase your bottom line?

But my goodness, there was homework to do. What is the best country for virtual employees? What are the employment laws there? What are the tax implications? What's the best mechanism for assessing talent? How do we handle HR matters with employees so far away?

We made enormous checklists, consulted so many people, and spent so many hours answering every question we could ask ourselves, poking holes in each other's arguments.

10 Questions You Must Ask in Every VE Interview

After exhaustive up-front work, we established a top-notch system of providing U.S. companies with high-quality employees at a low cost, and we're all about getting the hire right the first time.

Want to Get It Right the First Time?

As part of our process, we provide 40 hours of live and pre-recorded sessions to teach industry-specific skills and certify every employee our client selects. We've done this for over eight years for hundreds of businesses and have a high success rate. Of course, if you're in that small percentage where it doesn't work out, we will replace the employee under the guarantee and work with you to get it right. We're committed to you and ensuring your best experience.

Our business is about taking stress away from business owners and managers.

All it takes is recognition that the job market has expanded. You now have options globally. In addition, you have easy access to quality employees abroad through us because we've taken care of the hard stuff.

We save businesses an average of $27,000-to-$33,000 per employee per year. The savings mean owners can scale their operations and take on tasks that were put on the back burner.

If you're looking for greater peace of mind, consider taking action to improve your situation. That's why we're here. We help businesses find success. We'd love to help you, too.

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