Thinking of Adding a Global Flair to Your Local Team?

We naturally fear the unknown, and jumping into global hiring feels like a giant leap. Who is this person I’m hiring on the other end?  


Well, I’ve spent a decade getting to know our Filipino virtual employees. I moved from early anxiety about the “unknown” to a wonderful comfort in the “known” because I’ve discovered many good-hearted, sharp, cordial, caring people in this business.  


There are financial benefits to hiring globally, but until you take the leap, you can’t understand the joy of connecting with people in another culture who, at heart, are so similar. 


Many of our employees are parents who absolutely light up when talking about their kids. I talk to employees who support elderly parents or care for a child with disabilities. I’ve seen a common thread in my interactions: The Filipino culture values tight family connections and community support. I see a mindset of giving back to others, not just focusing on oneself. 


The Philippines is known for its “Bayanihan Spirit.” Bayanihan (pronounced as buy-uh-nee-hun) is a Filipino custom derived from the word “bayan,” which means nation, town, or community. An emphasis on mutual assistance and care serves as a foundation for family and community.  


I’ve seen so much evidence of the “Bayanihan Spirit” in our employees, which always warms my heart.  


See how Shannen supports her stepbrother and his dreams of being a doctor.  


HireSmart Filipino Scholarships: Shannen’s Story 


See how Cristina works to support her parents through medical hardships while also aiming to provide the best possible education for her son.  


HireSmart Filipino Scholarships: Cristina’s Story 


I’m grateful for all my relationships in the Philippines in the past decade. Years ago, I couldn’t have imagined a network of friends and co-workers so many miles away. If you had presented that scenario to me in 2000, I would have considered it absurd.  


But after a decade of daily interaction, it all feels completely natural. A business is essentially a community working together on a common goal, and your company’s community can expand beyond your immediate surroundings.  


The Web offers so many possibilities, and your business can thrive by hiring qualified Filipino employees. The dollar goes much further in the Philippines than in the U.S., so you can pay a flat bill rate of $9.50 an hour and provide your online employees with a quality wage in their market. Our clients save an average of $27,000 to $33,000 annually per employee.  


The Cost Benefits of Hiring Virtually 


HireSmart employees also receive free health and dental benefits at no cost to our clients. We provide educational scholarships to our employees’ children and offer leadership training opportunities so they can advance their education as well. When disaster strikes, we’re there for them.  


HireSmart Cares Typhoon Assistance — Richan’s Story 


But our employees are there for us, too. They constantly make us proud. The “Bayanihan Spirit” is evident in their work ethic and how they interact with clients. They share our core value of service to others. Our clients see it, too.  


Abby Gill, Director of Operations at Plum Property Management, said her team of six HireSmart virtual employees has helped her see things in a brighter way.  


“Collectively, they’re some of the most positive people I’ve ever been in communication with,” she said. “They’re very hardworking, very upbeat, and just go, go, go. They’re always willing to learn something and step in and help. They’ve helped me grow as a leader, and I think they’ve really helped shift our team’s dynamic in the way we look at things. I’ll be in a situation, and when I talk to them, they’ll say something, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, that’s right, I should look at it like that.’”  


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Tony Pinochi, Maintenance Director for Prandi Property Management, said his five HireSmart employees are thoughtful and dependable.   


“They’re all very sweet, very nice, very caring,” he said. “They care about what we think about them. They care about their work product. They are hardworking, smart, and diligent. They want to do good for us all the time. And they do. I absolutely love those girls, and I think they’re all amazing.”   


We talk about romantic love in February, but I think about love in general, too. I think about matchmaking and connection. I think of relationship building. I value all the connections I’ve made through HireSmart with clients and our employees. My greatest HireSmart joy is connecting our clients and employees in mutually beneficial relationships. Can you understand the power of that? It’s taking this big world and making it smaller and more connected.  


I’d love to answer any questions if you want that for yourself. Click here to set up a chat at your convenience.  




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