5 Most Time-Saving Tasks Your Virtual Employee Can Do for You

Handling your own business is a tough job – that is why most business leaders seek the services of a Virtual Employee (VE). Having your own Virtual Employee makes life a little bit easier – you get more time to focus on the income-generating activities, you can be assured that someone is taking care of the other sides of the business, you can have more time to relax and spend some quality time with yourself or with others.

With the growing number of Virtual Employee available, it makes it easier for you to find someone who fits your business needs. At HireSmart Virtual Employees, we help people just like you find the exceptional talent they deserve.

While your Virtual employee can do many things for you, here are the 5 most time saving things your Virtual Employee can do for you:

1. Managing Emails and Phone Calls
One of the most time-consuming activities in any business is handling emails. Working with a Virtual Employee to manage your emails is a game-changer as you won’t have to respond to them one by one! Your VE can even schedule activities in your calendar which can definitely save you time. To get started, you can train your VE on how to handle different types of emails – this way, you won’t have to check your mailbox except for a couple of times a day. This will free up a lot of your time since you no longer have to worry about replying to every email, just the ones that require your attention. We created scripts for our VEs to use as templates that cover about 90% of all the emails to our information box.

Just like email, answering calls or returning phone calls can also be assigned to your VE. If you receive a lot of calls for the same reason – this can be very tiresome. Assigning this to your VE makes life a little easier for you. You can prepare a script that your VE can use as a guide when making or receiving calls.

2. Online Research
You can easily farm out internet research to your Virtual Employee. Most common research would include finding information about your competitors, finding corporate media companies where you can endorse or advertise your business for potential opportunities, and finding out the latest trends in your area of expertise. Having a virtual employee do this for you saves you a huge amount of time.

3. Social Media Management
Social Media is a very powerful tool in today’s world. Everybody is involved in social media and one of the best ways to promote your company is by having a solid social media presence. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the most commonly used social media platforms and these can definitely be managed by a virtual employee. From creating a business page to posting great content for your social media account, you will be able to establish brand recognition. Train your virtual employee on how to post on social media, when to post certain types of articles for each day, as well as what to post on your business page. See to it that your social media page would contain all of your contact information such as your phone number, email address, and website so people can get in touch with you.

4. Content Writing
If you feel that your virtual employee has a potential for posting great contents for your website, you can assign him/her to post at least one or two articles per week. Great content is time consuming and sometimes draining for business owners as they have other things that they are thinking about. If you have a virtual employee, you can simply proofread the articles that are submitted to you and do a little editing. This would also be a great practice for your brand.

5. Audio/Video Editing
When making presentations either on your website or personally, you need someone to do it for you if you are short on time. All you have to do is provide your virtual employee the instructions and your idea of how the presentations should look like and you may focus your time on making a profit. All you have to do is review their work and if you think that the presentation needs a little tweaking, you can ask them for any ideas that they have in mind and then they can always do a revision.

These are just a sample of tasks that your virtual employee can do for you. HireSmart Virtual Employee specializes in helping business owners in 3 main areas – Customer Service, Sales Support, and General Administration.

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