Top 3 Concerns Business Owners Have When Hiring a Virtual Employee

You have thought about hiring a Virtual Employee, but as a business owner, you have at least 3 top concerns. I know! I had the same concerns and questions myself when I got started in this journey over 8 years ago.

Let’s see how many resonate with you and hopefully, I will make you feel more comfortable about the resolution.

#1 – I don’t know if I have enough work to keep a virtual employee busy 40 hours a week.

This was a concern that I had at first too. I finally had to do the math. At $9.00/ hour I realized that even if I didn’t have them busy for the full 40 hours – I was still saving money and I was getting things done that neither me nor my employees really wanted to do. The magic happened when I found out that they could do a lot of work quickly due to limited distractions and they had time to do things that I never had time to do in the first place, but was important to build my brand and my business.

#2 – I didn’t know where to find or how to qualify virtual employees in another company.

While there were many places that I could find individual VEs, I knew I didn’t want to hire a global employee. The IRS doesn’t care where you hire, but if you pay them and direct them – they are considered employees NOT independent contractors.

I knew I needed a staffing company and while there were many out there, most of them just didn’t feel “right”. They didn’t have the mindset I was looking for or their pricing was too high and the VEs salaries were too low. (It is imperative that you pay your VE competitively or they will leave and find another position. We pay our VEs almost double what other staffing agencies pay because we want them to be happy with our clients and perform well.)

Finally, after interviewing dozens of companies, we found a great partnership with our staffing provider. We worked out a lot of the kinks and about a year ago, we brought on our first clients.

You guys have the easy solution – We provide you with 3 top-quality virtual employees vetted not only by the staffing company, but by us. The 3 candidates we provide are VAs we would hire to work for us. Ask anyone who knows me – I am picky! We interview dozens of candidates to get it down to the top 3. This saves you a ton of time and effort.

#3 – I didn’t know how to best pay the staffing company.

This is another problem that we fixed. We have vetted about a dozen sources so that our clients can pay the staffing company easily. We explain the process in advance so that they can best prepare for the start up.

So the good news is that we do all the heavy lifting and provide you with the solutions that have worked for us and for dozens of clients.

Are you ready to get back to doing the work that you enjoy doing while still getting all of the other required tasks done? Book your free consultation with us today for an evaluation.

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