Top Task Management Software Applications for 2017

Keeping organized and on top of tasks requires task management software to help stay focused. We are going to share our top picks for task management software to help you better manage your staff and your priorities.

Things to consider when evaluating any software are costs, ease of implementation, and ability to integrate into your existing work style. Some people adapt better to technology than others, so understanding how you work best will ultimately drive the decision for the best software for you.

One of our top picks for on-line task management is Trello. Trello allows our virtual staff to manage their own tasks while sharing those tasks that need collaboration. At any given time, we can review the cards and make notes, add documents, and set deadlines. It allows for collaboration and a visual accounting of the tasks left outstanding. This tool is free for the basic usage, but if you want to make use of more features, then you will need to use the paid function.

One task management software that a lot of people overlook is Outlook. Outlook has many features that a lot of people don’t use. I personally love using outlook for those recurring tasks, meetings, as well as helping me plan my week. Whenever I get a deadline, I put it in my Outlook calendar on the date/time it is due, add a reminder even several days before the due date and then I have the time blocked out in my calendar already for the work. Access can be granted to others to edit, add, or view items. One feature a lot of people don’t know about is taking emails from their inbox and dragging it over to the calendar. It creates an appointment that can be scheduled and reminders can be set. This means that emails can be filed, but the urgency of the request can actually be scheduled. I absolutely love this feature.

Another task management software that a lot of people like is Basecamp. I see this more as a collaboration tool more than a task management software, but due to its popularity, I felt we should include it. Personally, I find the interface to be cumbersome and more challenging that Trello and certainly not as efficient as Outlook, but I can certainly see the advantages when you have a larger team.

If you are interested in adding to your team and have considered virtual staff, but not sure how to do so, we highly encourage you to book a consultation with us. We have helped many companies across the barrier into remote staff saving them thousands of dollars each year and get even better results than ever before. For an appointment – you can click here to book a time.

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