VE Earns Trust of Client as Junior Accountant, Receives HireSmart's 'Ethics and Integrity Award'

The business world demands trustworthy numbers, and accountants like Deborah "Debbie" Nolasco provide the mortar for a solid fiscal structure. 


Debbie earned HireSmart Virtual Employees' "2023 Core Value Ethics and Integrity Award" for her work as a junior accountant for a U.S. property management client. 


"She is a wonderful accountant!" her client said. "Debbie is reliable and intelligent. She has amazing rapport with her boards and can always help them find answers or solutions. I have been so lucky to have Deborah Nolasco on my team. She makes my life easier." 


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The former IBM employee started with HireSmart in January 2023. Debbie's tasks include handling monthly bank record reconciliations, preparing monthly financial packages, and addressing concerns of property managers and the boards she's assigned to. 


The HireSmart VE, who studied accounting in college, said a willingness to ask questions is essential in her job. She said she reaches out to her senior accountant, Carlene, if there's "even the tiniest doubt" about the correct action, ensuring accurate financial packages.  


When she's not working, Debbie enjoys spending time with her nearly 3-year-old cat, Midnight, watching Netflix series, reading e-books, and cooking, albeit with self-professed modest skill. 


"I can't say I'm really good at it," she chuckles. 


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The middle child in the family of three sisters said her strict upbringing by her parents helped shape her outlook on ethics and integrity. She said her mother was committed to her children's education.   


"When I was younger, sometimes we might pretend that our heads ached and we were too sick to go to school," said Debbie. "She did not tolerate that." 


The accountant said she gained perspective on her parents' lives once she started working. 


"I am not a spoiled brat, but we're used to getting everything we needed, not everything we wanted, because that's not how my parents raised us," she said. "But we were used to our parents providing for everything we need. I didn't appreciate my father's hard work at that time." 


Her first job was as a cashier at a bakery/restaurant. 


"I realized how difficult earning money is," she said. "I have a huge respect for service crews." 


Debbie said she appreciated the attention to good manners one of her early managers instilled in her crew. 


"I had a manager who was very strict," she said. "She would call out a failure to smile, or how we say good morning to our customer. I learned a lot from that." 


Debbie also worked in a call center and learned to keep her cool when dealing with angry customers. 


"I learned how to stay professional despite all the bad words," she said. 


The "Ethics and Integrity" core value winner said it's vital for virtual employees to keep HireSmart's core values in mind and remember their goals in life.  


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"Remember why you're doing it," she said. "I chose to work full time because I wanted to spend more quality time with my friends and family. And this job gives me that privilege. Not everyone has that." 


HireSmart matches our client's specific needs with the skill sets best suited to do the job. We find employees like Debbie for hundreds of U.S. clients who have discovered the ability to increase their workflow with improved quality at a reduced cost. 


Our virtual employees receive free health and dental benefits at no cost to our clients, educational scholarships for their children, and ongoing support from our team. 


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If you want to learn more about bringing virtual employees onto your team, click here to set up a free consultation at your convenience. We'd love to chat. 


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